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Monday, September 11, 2006

Hilary Swank making love to Mia Kirshner...i think?

Mia Kirshner (aka: the L Word's Jenny) and Hilary Swank (aka: my hero) are in a new movie called The Black Dahlia. this clip is a trailer for it...notice at around 1 minute 34 seconds, a little something special for us all:-)

im going to see this movie when it comes out on Friday. i'll just keep thinking about my duty as a lesbian to see these chicks plus Scarlett Johansson kick it onscreen together. but its gonna be gruesome in some parts and im not too good with those types of scenes. when they happen, i'll just close my eyes and imagine Helena and Dylan at the beachhouse. so if youre sitting next to me and i start singing "when love comes callin...dont look away" outloud, you should nudge me or somethin. i'll be in my happy place. hmmm...too bad i'll be the only one there. (rimshot)


psush_girl said...

yeah, i definitely think (read: hope) that there is a love scene w/ those two...that would make my year! :0P

oh and i have i mentioned yet how much i absolutely adore your daily lesbian blog moment? it's definitely gotten me through some tough days, lemme tell ya. keep it up! :0)

Anonymous said...

Isnt the love scene between Mia and Jemima Rooper?
Or is there another one?
Its not out in Australia yet, so im dying to see it coz Jemima is in it haha!