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Sunday, September 10, 2006

I make the hole in your heart...a little bigger

Howdy and goodday to you all. im in a good mood cause my girl won last night:-) (see yesterday's post). HOT. if anyone would like to buy THIS for me, id be ever so grateful:-)

ok so down to bidness. i wanted to share with you a buddy of mine named Danelle Phillips. she fronts a Tulsa, Oklahoma band called Congress of a Crow. this first clip is one i took of her a couple of years ago at an nachtspiel of a Norwegian band i tour managed called goldenboy. there was alcohol flowin' (lots and lots of it) so my camera work and her tackling the out-of-tune guitar, + the drunken chatter from the Norwegian boys in the background...make this short clip interesting. but um...listen to her VOICE. its A-MAZING. and she plays guitar like a demon. looove it.

this is a new video her band "Congress of a Crow" put up on their myspace page recently. shows you what she does on stage. cool beans. if you go to their myspace page, all 3 songs on their player rock my world. i especially love the lyrics to "vampires."

Get this video and more at


ok, ok i dont know what the HELL is going on in this 13 minute movie "Sleeping Beauties." but i DO know that it has lots of cool chicks in it and its about lesbians, plus it was directed by the same chick that did "But I'm a Cheerleader", so it gets high honors in this here blog. and my wife (i have several, you see) Clea Duvall is in it. thats all i really needed to know. the clea part. she could be in a commercial for tampons and id buy the dvd of it. she could host a prayer hotline, and id call in.

oh! speaking of! i once called into a televanglist hotline and left a message. if you wanna hear it, CLICK HERE. and yes, in case youre wondering, i am insane.

Part 1

Part 2


kriss said...

that little movie was oo cute! i LOVE clea duvalle OMG i do lol.. where did u find that vidio?

Sandra said...

After listening to you mess with the televangelist hotline, I just have one question...

Will you marry me?

<3'ed it!!!


Meeks said...

Good stuff Arlan!

Just hilarious listening to you on the televangelist hotline. BTW....I love your voice!

And cute lil video too, I always thought Clea was hot since I saw her in The Faculty.

AND OMG...Leisha Hailey was in there could you forget to mention that...she was the one taking a piss and wiping it on Vince's hanky

Lindsey Nicole said...

Wow! Thanks SO much for that! Clea and Leisha in one place at one time? That's like my ultimate fantasy! Lol. :-)

Jenn said...

Sleeping Beauties is really great! Clea is just fantastic :) S are you for having this blog! I look at it everyday :D

Anonymous said...

Woo, loved Sleeping Beauties!! Radha Mitchell is Australian, just like me!! hehe Thanks so much for posting the clips everyday, its such an awesome site! <3 Mel xx