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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Incredibly True Adventures of Laurel Holloman as a baby dyke

LESBIAN SINGER ALERT! she's not missing and she's not a threat to you so im not sure why im calling it an alert. but you'll thank me for the recommendation! my good friend Courtney Fairchild <-- is a singer/songwriter in Dallas (soon to be Philly!). shes married to a lovely lady. she likes collecting guitars. i featured her in my magazine. she's good people. tell her i sent ya:-) oh and you can buy her cds here.


how CUTE was Laurel Holloman when she was in "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love"?? i was definitely more interested in Nicole Parker when i first saw this um...9 years ago i believe. but both girls did a great job.

this is a 10 minute clip from the movie. it gives some of the plot away (cause its 10 minutes long!) so dont watch it if you havent seen the movie and you want to be completely surprised when you see it for the first time. you can rent it at

Laurel likes her some light-skin-ded black girls, dont she?? ;-)

buy it...


i just found this. the scene scares me to death and makes me laugh out loud. so i dont know what to make of it. but uh...yeah...see for yourself:-)

"Drawn Together" on Comedy Central...

the winner of the tshirt contest from saturday is this chick. if this is you, please email me at . thanks everyone for participating:-)


xcrazaylesbox said...

drawn together is sooooooooo funny! i'm sooo renting that first movie though. <3

Heather said...

The 10 minute clip didn't really show thaaat much. I mean, the title tells you about as much as it showed. XD.

Drawn Together, though, that's some twisted stuff there.