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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

sadly she has a fear of public toplessness

aw, Lauren Graham. sadly, she's only in the "lesbian-friendly category. *sigh*

i've had a major crush on her for YEARS now. she's on my top 10 celebs *to do* list. and im happy to announce that she'll be on Ellen's show today and the premiere of the new season of "Gilmore Girls" is tonight! this first clip is from an older appearance Lauren had on Ellen. can't believe she'll be 40 in 6 months. can you believe that?


this is a cool music vid that Alexis Bledel was in...the song is by Less Than Jake...i dont like the song, but i like the Fiona Apple-style eye make-up and slow-mo close ups, and you know, the breaking of shit. Rory's pissed!

even though Rory and Paris kiss in this clip, its really one of the least GAY scenes from the show;-)

i'll be watching the season premiere it with me! :-)


Anonymous said...

Lauren Graham is adorable and does look way younger than 40. I like the way they write the back and forth banter between her character and Rory on Gilmore Girls. It is very well timed and funny. She reminds me of my mom, though my mom doesn't look 29.

Sadly I'd tend to think of your "gay moment" clip as more of a straight girls bored and experimenting...didn't she say something to Paris like "What's wrong with you?" Then again I haven't seen the rest of that episode so maybe the writers redeemed themselves for using a straight girl kiss to pull ratings.

Nicole S said...

She's sexy! Viva la Gilmore Girls