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Thursday, September 07, 2006

the movie of our dreams?

i thought id share with you a personal blog entry i left for my friends back in December 2005 (revamped a bit):


i want to produce a movie that's the female answer to "Brokeback Mountain."

how does this sound?

"Humpback Hill"

Written by: Arlan
Produced by: Angelina Jolie
Directed by: Charlize Theron

and starring....

With special appearances by:

with Arlan on bass

And introducing:

Little Katharine Mcphee as Arlan's love interest

would you guys pay for the director's cut dvd? ;-)

-arlan :-)


Anonymous said...

fuck yes
few of my faves in there
i ifnk u shud try n get it made :P


Anonymous said...

I Would Be The First In Line...Oh Man What A Movie That Would BE:)
Hot Hot Hot..Myabe to would have to sell under at the food stands..hahah.

Jess said...

hahaahahahha hell yeah i'd watch it.
you = awesome

you really keep me entertained.


sapphosboyfriend said...

the movie of my dreams, would be directed by me and acted by me, with an all womyn cast. I am seriously working on it, so there are no details here, but these womyn are deliciously sexy and desirable womyn of the day. come to Sapphoslovers Place, and join my "Womyn2Womyn" Project ladies, so I can develop my story project.
LOL: Sapphoslover: jack & BAM

lisa said...

*giggles ecstatically at the mere thought*