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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A voice, a guitar, & a pregnant bicurious chick

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Terra Naomi.

Terra was recently featured on the front page of youtube TWICE (!!). She's the most subscribed musician on youtube and her vids have been seen more than 2 million times on the site in the past few weeks.

She has a show tonight in L.A. (glendale) at Tangier Lounge which is an 18+ show...and then one on Friday night in Santa Ana at the Gypsy Den that is FREE & all-ages. if youre near one of those places, you should DEFINITELY check her out. and if you do, introduce yourself to her and tell her Arlan sent you:-)

also, she has a new cd with both of these songs on it that you can order by clicking HERE.

oh! and she just announced that she's on the soundtrack for Maggie Gyllenhaal's new movie "Sherrybaby"! so definitely check that out too.

here's the song that was featured on youtube first...

"Say It's Possible"

i think this next song "Up Here" should replace the weirdness that is the L Word opening themesong. dont you?


"Kissing Jessica Stein" has some of the best writing in a movie, ever. period.

if you've seen it before, you'll like this clip. its an extended version of a cool/funny scene. very interesting how the editor of a movie is really the most talented person involved. dont you think?

if youve never seen this movie, this is what i want you to do: stand up. go to Blockbuster. rent this movie. go to the grocery store and get a bottle of wine. come back home. watch the movie while drinking the wine. hopefully chase all of that with some making out. rinse and repeat.

if you dont wanna drive to Blockbuster, get the movie at


Anonymous said...

may I just say that I absolutely adore your page..i read it brings me happiness in a gloomy heterosexual world...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

same here *sigh*. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the daily joy! Cheers, H

Anonymous said...

^_^ you are awesome. thanks for keeping me smiling.