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Sunday, September 03, 2006

salute to school girl uniforms

this is the long trailer for a new movie called "Loving Annabelle". i saw this at Outfest in L.A. a couple of months ago and it was really good. i sat next to the older dude in one of the scenes in this clip.

i especially liked Gustine Fudickar's outcast/sidekick role. she did a great job.

the song used during the second half of this clip is "My Skin" by Natalie Merchant.


Jenny Owen Youngs is a buddy of mine in New Jersey who likes the simple things in life; like wearing school girl uniforms on stage, covering Britney Spears & Kelly Clarkson, and writing & performing some of the most emotional and heartbreaking songs i know of.

im offering you these two short clips of a cover you might recognize, but i invite you to go to her myspace page and listen to her original work. it's stunning. she opened for Regina Spektor on a few dates earlier this year and you might have heard her song "fuck was i" when it was briefly featured in the first episode of "Weeds" this season. ladies seem to love cool Jenny.


whether or not you agree with the t.a.t.u. gimmick, you gotta admit this was a pretty cool performance. it was MTV's Movie Awards 2003, and two girls had a dream. a dream to dance around half naked, and bring 100 or so of their hot friends to do the same. a dream to not sing one note in tune...but for you not to care cause there were about 100 half-naked girls running around kissing in unison.

you have no idea how sorry i am about the quality of this clip. especially when it gets to the part when the girls get more than half naked. *shakes fists at the youtube gods*

my personal take on the whole tatu thing is, yes theyre acting or whatEVER. but not every woman on the L Word is really a lesbian. and do we get mad at them for playing a part? i think its cool that lesbianism had a role on MTV for a few months and had nothing to do with a rapper or an overaged rocker tossing champagne on their naked bodies at a skating rink.

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ishnish said...

that was an amazing performance - i really appreciated it.. i reckon not only did/do they put a point across they are fucking awesome entertainers!!