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Saturday, September 02, 2006

yeah thats mandy moore. dont hate.

ever since the song "crush" came out, ive had a crush on it (the song, that is). i know its mandy moore. i know its a song even mandy MOORE would be embarrased to say she likes. but i like it, ok?

look closer, and you'll even see some lesbian action behind all the mandy moore music.


"South of Nowhere" is a tv show on NOGGIN. it debuted earlier this year and is really quite good for a teen drama type thing. the second season premieres September 29th. look on youtube to find all 12 episodes from season 1 and you'll probably be hooked.

the two lead chicks are 19 and 21 in real life even though they're playing 17ish on the show, so im officially making it ok for all of us to perv on them no matter what your age. i give you and me permission. go on...

this is a short clip from Showtime's "Weeds." ive never seen it before, but i am going to start watching it now. because of this clip. these few seconds. yep. will you watch it with me?


Heather said...

I love Weeds. It's hilarious. My family always bugs me about it, but after watching it with me one time, they don't so much.

And that Mandy Moore song w/ SoN clips was so unbelievably cheesy and adorable.

Melissa said...

If you like South of Nowhere and British girls, then you should check out Sugar Rush. Unless you already have. But if not, then yes. Sugar Rush.