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Friday, September 01, 2006

the things these women do with chairs...and fake fire

this post is dedicated to women of color shaking their hot selves for you and me, and for making us jealous we don't look this good in a leotard.

this first video "Ring the Alarm" by Beyonce is one that i caught for the first time a few nights ago while watching the LOGO channel. the song and video are both amazing in my opinion. maybe B will agree to do a guest spot on L Word as Alice's love interest? yeah, i'll get started on the petition right away.


You know that word we like a lot? well this is a group thats CALLED that. how could you not like these girls? theyre of them can sing, and they've all spent as much time at strip clubs as we have. just on a different side of the stage. the second half of this video is my fav part. its just hot. its better than a lot of the pop crap thats out right now. and if you've been to a gay club this summer, your drunk ass HAS danced to this song. and it was probably me who you danced with. and by the way, i still have your bra at my place. come by and pick it up whenever you get a chance.

remember when the Pussy's lead singer was in that POPSTAR tv show's group Eden's Crush? i sure do.

p.s. it should be noted that these chicks performed at california's biggest lesbian event, Dinah Shore Weekend, this summer!


Anonymous said...

beyonces video was off the chain at the mtv vmas, see if its on youtube yet

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of this type of music, but DAMN! Those girls are hot.. I think I might start listening to this genre more often. :-)

Marina said...

Yeah Alice and B would be good, but SHANE and B would just be plain ORGASMIC! OOOH or Carmen, that'd be sexy too! LoL Two sexy curvy women of color, that's sexy!

Sophie said...

i love the clip of the pcd!
it's so freaking hot!

Vanessa said...

not a huge fan of pcd...BUT...they're fuckin hot!

Anonymous said...

woooooo Beyonce did Basic Instinct! did anyone else catch that connection?