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Friday, September 08, 2006

today's show has been brought to you by the word "pink": bringing you great nipples & music for years!

Pink is one of my absolute favorite artists. top 3. and most people only know her for "Get the Party Started" or more POP oriented shiznit. well im here to tell you, if you've never seen the girl live, youre missing out BIG TIME.

here's the video that won her a VMA the other night. i think she loved the irony of Nicole Ritchie giving her the award:-) this vid, by the way, should have gotten SEVERAL more nominations...its brilliant!

"Stupid Girls"

this is the song i have as the profile song on my myspace page for my shirts and all things gay. listen to the hootin and hollerin when she says the thing about being gay:-) on her cd "i'm not dead," she sings this song with the Indigo Girls. yep...

"Dear Mr. President"


i think every woman should see this next clip. you have Jenny fuckin' Lewis before she was the best thing about Rilo Kiley...and of course, angelina's boobs when they were young, free, and still bi. children, gather round for a little story about Angelina's boobs.

back then, the world had to protect their daughters. or just me. from angelina's rockin' boobs. 6 minutes of them in fact. thank me later. and how can you thank me? well ive been askin for it all week: bring me a hot british chick, age 23-30...that wil be all. as you were:

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Anonymous said...

i love that movie!