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Saturday, September 09, 2006

because i sink eeeverybody, a little bit gay.

to be honest, i knew nothing of Maria Sharapova a week ago. but i've since been glued to my television watching the U.S. Open, and she's been my favorite all week!

ok, i'll admit it was her hot *tennis night dress* or whatever theyre calling it that got me interested in the first place. she's like 6'3"...really hot and you know, you can see all the muscles movin' and the sweat and that little "dress" makes you become a tennis fan really fast:-)

but then i started studying the way she plays and the girl is AMAZINGLY talented! she's a true athlete. so here is a Nike commercial that they've been airing during the Open. make sure to watch it all the way through. people (like me) have been making a big deal about her being pretty...and she's been trying to make people see her talent beyond that. so thats what this commercial's about. two things to notice: her *tennis grunt* is quite sexy. and is the little girl at about 45 seconds into it supposed to be a baby dyke in the making? you be the judge...

Sharapova is playing in the FINALS of the u.s. open today (check local listings!). im hoping she wins...pop some popcorn and watch the game along with me!


this shit is just funny:


...and sometimes you just gotta see things like this. i know the scene is too short, but if you want more, rent the movie! im telling you, is an american lesbian's best friend!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I LOVE Margaret Cho! If you haven't seen her "Revolution" act, you definitely need to do that right now.

And by the way, I joined Netflix because of this blog. Ha.


Anonymous said...

i knew i wasent alone in loving watching Maria Sharapova, i watched when she beat Serena Williams in a final about a year back

but damn i cant get the youtube clip to display