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Friday, October 13, 2006

a 47 yr old bisexual ex-junkie prostitute con artist

i'm not sure if this post qualifies as "lesbian" or "lesbian-friendly" from my description at the top of this site. after seeing Amy Sedaris on Letterman last year (she seems to be on his show 2-3 times per year), i thought she was a lesbian. then i read she used to date a guy who helped her create "Strangers with Candy". the character she plays in that tv show/movie spinoff is bisexual.

does anyone have definitive proof that Amy is too (or not)? if so, lemme know!

either way, she's funny as hell.

this is the trailor for the movie version of "Strangers with Candy"...still makes me laugh...

this is Amy on David Letterman earlier this year promoting the movie. she's so fun to watch...


Meeks said...

OMG...She os funny as hell! I hope they screen this in Australia or at least release it to DVD here. I wanna see that movie!!

Thanks for sharing Arlan!

June said...

Her brother is David Sedaris, who is gay (and also very funny). So, even if she isn't family - her family is.