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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

if kelly kapowski was a dyke...

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the Dane Cook episode of SNL a couple of weeks ago was LAME. but good ol' Jaime Pressly saved the show last Saturday! i loved when she played the ghetto school girl who danced everytime her phone rang...oh and there was a hilarious lesbian-themed skit where Kristin Wiig was akwardly flirting with Jaime. i cant seem to find a clip of it ANYWHERE online though. damn copyright laws. hmmm...(update! "anonymous just let me know you can see the vid clip by clicking here...its under "watch this"...thanks anonymous! :-) )

but here are some other moments to give you an idea...

from the tv show "Fastlane"...


from "Not Another Teen Movie"...with the chick from Buffy...(available @



ever since they re-enacted the scene from "Diff'rent Strokes" where Dudley and Arnold are seduced by that bike shop owner from "WKRP in Cincinatti", ive been a "Family Guy" fan:-)

the show is never NOT funny...(seasons available on dvd @>


D said...

Giggidy Giggidy....ha ha...Damn Family Guy! ha ha! lOve it!

Stepfanie said...

That episode of Fastlane is the ONLY one I have ever seen...If Kelly was a dyke on Save By The Bell...I would have seen all the episodes....o wait I did

Anonymous said...

they have the snl skit with kristin wiig on the nbc website. you probably can't repost it anywhere, but it's up there if you want to watch it again

Anonymous said...

Hah! Just read this the other day:

Q. Speaking of Saved by the Bell, when was the last time you saw Kelly Kapowski?
A. She (Tiffani Amber-Thiessen) and Mario (Lopez) came to my wedding ten years ago. I've seen them sporadically since then.

Can you dish some us dirt on Kelly?
A. (Laughing) Well, one time, even before we shot our first episode, we were all sitting around talking and she said "I'm so tired of this Goody Two Shoes Kelly Kapowski. I think when she goes to college she should become a lesbian."

Anonymous said...

That SNL skit was the funniest on Saturday's show.