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Saturday, October 07, 2006

a new show i helped create!

im soooo happy to be able to announce a new project ive been working on! you might have seen/heard me talking about my good friend terra naomi. she's a singer/songwriter in los angeles. this summer, she put a few vids of her singing in her living room online and featured her on their front page TWICE because they love her music so much. since then, she's received thousands and thousands of fan emails, been on CNBC, been to england and back and has received some awesome feedback from around the world. its been crazy.

i was fortunate enough to be able to help create the newest addition to her online video promotions/sharing world: a new reality show exclusive to youtube called "Terra Naomi: Virtuality"! this is the first episode and a new episode will appear on youtube EACH saturday!

if you dont already love terra, you will after you see this! and check out the credits at the end. see if you recognize a name;-)
UPDATE!! the video was added as a featured vid on the front page of youtube today! :-)

and this is the companion video to this week's episode...its probably my favorite terra song, "Beauty Fades".


Ash said...

That's so cool Arlan. Kudos for real.

iliana said...

Haha, the scenes with Chewbaca and Yoda are so funny. Terra's so cute :)