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Friday, October 27, 2006

oh my gosh, buffay

i never watched 'Buffy' when it was on tv. this vid certainly makes me want to check out the DVDs though! if you did watch this show, leave me a comment and let me know about the Tara/Willow storylines, etc.

to rent, or not to rent? that is the question...

so my friends and i walk into a bar...


Anonymous said...

You should rent Buffy! I used to be a huge fan of the show when it was on. The Willow/Tara story line is really good and well played. Willow also had a relationship with another woman, Kennedy, after Tara that was actually one of the first lesbian sex scenes on television ;)

Natalie said...

i've always had a real soft spot for that song, especially because i used to listen to it when i had my first "girl crush." combined with those video clips from, that was intense.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for Willow and Tara, stick to seasons 4 (develops about halfway through, 5 and 6.

Missy said...

I love buffy. Oh my god willow and tara are hot. Their characters in the show. Were a prefect match for a lesbian couple.

Anonymous said...

First off huge bias when it comes to Buffy. I own the entire series and I've seen every episode at least 5 times each, at all the Willow/Tara stuff around 10 times each. It's worth watching. I recommend watching the entire series, but for the Willow/Tara Season 4, 5, and 6.

Key episodes (that I can think of right now):

Season 4
"New Moon Rising"

Season 5

Season 6
"Once More with Feeling"
"Tabula Rosa"
"Seeing Red"

Anonymous said...

DEFINATELY check it out! I bought the huuge box set of all the series for a large sum of money and it was without a doubt the best big cash item I've ever purchased, and was worth every penny!
The Tara and Willow story is very good, and with the added storyline of Willows overuse of magic making it much more interesting!

Completely recommend it!
Thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

RENT IT! You have to. Willow and Tara aren't the best things about it and they are so magnificent! You definately must :) Warning: You will get hooked.

Goddess of Coffee said...

The only reason that I own a few seasons of Buffy is for the Tara and Willow story line.

Anonymous said...

I hear natalie on this- that song is powerful, and I too once attached it to a girl I liked. Plus, a healthy dose of Willow, Buffy, or lesbianism is always good. :)

kath said...

Totally recommend it!!
W/T relationship is beautifully played, just like any straight relationship would be, just a little extra majic;)

I own the whole series, and W/T relationship are only in Seasons mind 4 till 6.

Season 4:
Hush- Amasing Episode! 'Touchy hand moment' with the vending machine!!
New Moon Rising- Willow's ex(Oz) comes back...willow decides between oz or tara

Season 5
Family - Tara's family vist to reveal tara's 'secret', great ending!
The Body- First onscreen kiss, beautiful! One of the most important eps int he Buffy verse

Season 6
"Once More with Feeling"- Musical episode, tara sings
"Tabula Rosa"- betrayal
"Entropy"- making up
"Seeing Red" - YOU WILL CRY!

Met amber benson(tara) and alyson hannigan(willow) before, both such good actresses and great to their fans


kriss said...

i really recomend that u rent it! it is a great show, and of course their story line is awesome. one of the reasons i was so into it as a kid is because there where lesbians in it.. and they were like the first ones i made me feel great to see it on tv. any way it gets sad toward the end but still worth watching

Anonymous said...

The Willow and Tara storyline didn't really take off until partway through season 4. I reccomend renting the entire series. You can still follow it if you don't but you will miss some of the jokes. Tara and Wilow didn't have a lot of explicit scenes until the end of Season 6 and even then they were pretty tame. The most explicit lesbian scene is in the second to last episode of season 7 between Willow and Kennedy. Very hott! I always felt that Willow and Kennedy had more chemistry but I liked Tara better because it gave the Willow character a chance to be more aggressive, when she got involved with Kennedy she wasn't the agressor anymore. Kennedy pursued her. Oh and by the way while her character isn't a lesbian the Faith character is a nice bit of eye candy in the 7th season. So much more so than she was in season 3. Bad girls are very hot.

coyotesabre said...

totally to rent. that song means a lot to me for many, many reasons now...

Anonymous said...

Oh, shit, you're not kidding! I wanna see Buffy now too!

Anonymous said...

ahh i totally relate to natalie cause i listened to this song all the time during my first "girl crush" also.

Anonymous said...

they were the only reson i watched the series as a kid.haha

oh, btw... youtube dosnt have the thing so i can put it on mi myspace, how did you get it????

inlerf said...

oh my god, and you've never watched buffy for willow/tara?! honest, once you've seen w/t, nothing else compares--certainly not willow/kennedy.

after your first run, rewatch it again and notice those subtle little details the actresses put in: like holding hands (even) when they're in the background; sitting that little bit closer; loving glances; and in The Body (which you HAVE to watch) when willow just mouths i love you to tara; just signs a normal real couple would do, nothing out of the ordinary. but in tv land where girl-girl actions are to, ironically, titillate guys or for ratings, w/t = perfect love.

Lindsey Nicole said...

Omigosh, Arlan! That Willow/Tara video just made me cry!

You really need to see their story. Seasons 4 through 6. Of course, I love everything about Buffy, so I'd recommend just watching the whole thing... but if it's just Willow and Tara you want, you can narrow it.

They make an amazing couple.

Cody Nixon said...

rent it.

there's no question about it. just rent it.

season 4 is excellent, as well as 5 and 6.

Beu said...

I am a HUGE BtVS fanatic. I could tell you all about everyones storylines, let alone the Willow/Tara. But sadly I rant too much about it so I won't do it here. If you are still interstend in hearing about it, (for I know it's an older topic) let me know. ^-^

Samantha said...

going to concur with everyone, Buffy = awesome, rent it! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, I just saw the Buffy thing, and I do realize I'm a bit late, but better late then never. If you really want some Willow/Tara action it starts half way through season four and ends with the season finale of six. But Willow hooks up with another girl (Kennedy) in season seven.

Anonymous said...

They are my favorite TV couple of all time. It is beautifully played, and is like a normal relationship, they don't feel the need to change it because they are lesbians. (like many other people here I also a bit biased because I am a total Buffy nerd). Yo ushould definately rent it.

~nicole~ said...

oh yeah, definitely rent it. if only to see hot ass eliza dushku kickin' major vampire butt, hehe.

also, the willow/tara storyline is awesome and is worth the rent. i promise.