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Friday, November 24, 2006

another tshirt raffle!

want a chance to get a few christmas gifts for your friends? or maybe you just like wearing layers...and layers...and layers? im doing some fundraising for my sites. and someone's going to win approx $175 worth of merch! i will randomly choose a winner tomorrow (Saturday, Nov 25th) @ 10pm (cali time). open to anyone around the world! the last two raffles had great odds. and even if you dont win, youre helping to keep this site and more going. so thanks!

(see below and choose "add to cart" to buy a virtual raffle ticket for $2.38.)

the prize pack for the 3rd raffle includes the following tshirts:

1 white, youth large "Bring Dana Back"
1 yellow, youth small "Alice is my homogirl"
1 black, adult large "Carmen is my homogirl"
1 grey, adult large "Leisha is my homogirl"
1 grey, youth large "I'd go gay for Shane" + "...oh wait!"
1 black, youth large "Dana Lives"
1 black, adult small "What Would Shane Do?"

the winner of the first raffle was Samantha Korb! :-)
the winner of the second raffle was Melissa S.! :-)

sat, update! the winner for the 3rd raffle is...Ashley B.! :-)

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