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Saturday, November 25, 2006

"you either get on, or you get off" -tegan...or sara...

i know a little bit about a lot of (gay) things. enough that i can write about something lesbianic every single day...which is cool. but in some cases, like with the Buffy tv show and other things, im totally ignorant. so i love being schooled by you guys:-)

of course ive known about Tegan & Sara for a long time now. ive read about them a little here and there. i saw them on the L Word (season 3)...i pretty much knew their *deal* but for some reason, i made it a point not to listen to their music. as im typing this, im realizing that it was most likely because i was afraid i would hate it, and then it would ruin this whole *lesbian twins who are indie icons* vibe they have.

but a couple of weeks ago, i pulled it together, and went to their myspace page. i liked all the songs i heard, so i bought their latest album So Jealous. 2 weeks later, i'm a believer! cant stop listening to it. am addicted to it. must...have...more. im even thinking of getting that 4 pack thingy they have on their official website for myself for christmas.

"walking with a ghost": even if you've never heard of these girls before today, you've certainly heard this song...

their music is yummy. please leave a comment and tell me more about what you know about them. like, do they have girlfriends? do they like steak? how many cds have they sold? (im still trying to get a feel of how popular they are) do they like icecream? if so, what TYPE of icecream?

i will without a doubt interview them for a future issue of my magazine as soon as i can. and here's an interview they did...sometime...somewhere:-)

i wanna thank everyone on myspace who helped me find out who wrote each song last night...there were looots of you, and this chick told me about this awesome fan page with lots of info.

here's another video they did for "Speak Slow"...

while you're checking out new lesbian music, you should also go hit up one of our fellow homogirls named Grace. she has a music project @ go give her some support.

id also love to hear about your music. i spend half of my time working on my (sickly) indie magazine where we focus on music of all or straight...or in between. and the other half focusing on this beautiful lesbian and lesbian-friendly cmmunity. so anytime i can have the two worlds shag each other, im happy! leave a comment and tell everyone about your band or solo project.


Anonymous said...

I've been a huge fan of Tegan and Sara for about two years. I've seen them in concert twice and they sound amazing. They are also really friendly when they are off stage.
Here's a site of theirs that has all the lyrics and discography you could ask for. There's even a link for those who like to play guitar for sheet music and tabs.

jmarvids said...

yay for teegan and sara! I guess I don't know anything either but I do heart them. How old are they, I thought they wer like 18 but I guess not if they were growing up in the 80s. I'm guessing they're like 26ish? anywho ROCK ON..

Anonymous said...

gahh, i love tegan and sara. they're definately a favorite.
also, my friend liz is working on a solo music project. she's only got a couple of songs up so far as she just made her music page on myspace. but here's the link:
she's gonna have more music up soon, so watch out for her.

Grace said...

Word on the street is, Sara is dating the adorable girl who does all of their designs named Emy.
I'm not sure about Tegan.

They are both 26. Since I understand that they're on major labels both in the US and Canada they're doing quite well, which is bittersweet since I first fell in love with them several years ago when they were relatively anonymous.

Arlan I'm sorry I put it out there all the time, but if I don't, who will? Ha.

VISIT MY MUSIC if you have a spare few minutes. I'm friendly.

Anonymous said...

to give u the low down.. btw i jumped on the Tegan and Sara band wagon way back when "2000-01" with "under feet like ours" and their song "proud" and "the first"..
Anyway yeah Sara is dating emy, and tegan is dating this lovley lady named lisa. As far as i know. yeah for all hot lesbian canadians.

lisa said...

yeah i'd thought they were younger than 26 as well. it was tegan who said that quote in the title, i think. as far as i know, she's the only one with a labret.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure they don't eat steak, since they did a peta add. i think they're vegetarian, but i make no promises on that. <3

FemmeMrbd08 said...

I don't like "Speak Slow" but besides that song, I LOVE every single song on So Jealous. I forget how I heard about them but I was at Best Buy one day and my mom let me pick out a few things I wanted and I decided to give Tegan and Sara a try. At first I didn't like all the songs...I gave up the cd for a while and then one day I just popped it in and I am addicted.
"Not Tonight" is another awesome song but it's not on So Jealous.

openfire said...

I've been a big T&S fan for a few years, so I was extremely excited when I realized I was standing about 2 metres away from them at Toronto's Pride (they were watching Po' Girl, another one of my favourite bands). Anyhow, Sara was definitely canoodling with her girlfriend, and I couldn't tell if Tegan was with someone, but they were in a group, so maybe she's just not the canoodling type. Up close, they're very very hot, and quite tiny. They had awesome sunglasses. I debated about talking to them, but I couldn't bring myself to intrude on them, or "rain on their parade", if you will.......

Crystal said...

hey, i make music


check it, the only song on my player right now with lesbian refrence is girl fight but i have others, not that thats all that matters, just for those intrested

check it out,

CRYSTAL said...

ah damnit sorry, delete that last one, i didnt relize u approved them so thats why it didnt show right away, sorry

btw, i checked out tegan and sara for the first time really, kinda like u i heard about them but never really looked into them much, but i like em a lot now

blair said...

i love tegan and sarah!
their awesome!
but i was looking at your movie
and i saw boys don't cry
and lost and delerious. I must say Lost and Delerious was one of the greatest movies I've ever seen.

Lydi said...

Im a huge fan of tegan and sara s2

Of course u loved them, everybody does \o/

Anonymous said...

I love Tegan and Sarah!! They are great and play really great shows. You gotta love the way they talk during shows. I have all four albums and I can't get enough. I'm getting the DVD for Christmas!!


Coni said...

I love Tegan and Sara. I heard of them first from the L word too. I sort of didn’t want to get into their music either cause I thought I wouldn’t like, but then I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and a lot of their songs are played during that show. Their music fits perfectly, so I decided to check out all of their stuff and I love it! oh and I got that four Cd bundle from their website and it came with a post card signed by Tegan and Sara!!! You should get it, it’s worth it. I really like the song I Hear Noises and So Jealous, and walking with a ghost, Not Tonight is good, Downtown, And Darling, Don’t Confess…I love them all!! Oh and by the way, I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is t&s are awesome. ive loved them for about 5 or 6 years so amazing..been to 4 of their the one where they were opening for the killers..haha just to see t&s play. they are amazing and i own every single last cd they have made. i also have their dvd..which is freaking awesome..they are so hilarious. very sweet. im quite sad that they dont play at the small venues the local bars..that's when they were the most intimate with the fans...and you could actually chill with them after their concerts!!..if you arent a should be!!!

Anonymous said...

big up to my fellow hot lesbian canadians! we are gorgeous eh? haha.

tegan and sara are wonderful.

check out my buddy amanda rheaume...another hot lesbian singer from ottawa. she sang at lilith fair back in the late 90s and she really rocks!

Anonymous said...

Regarding them being vegetarian: Tegan isn't:
"Sorry, this is really disgusting, I’m totally just waving this chicken in your face. For all I know you could be a vegetarian.” Tegan pauses for a second and wipes her hands off on her blue jeans.

Sara might be though; she did the foreword for ThePPK's "Vegan Cupcakes take over the world". I can't find any more evidence for her being vegetarian though, and remember seing some video with them both claiming not to be a vegetarian... But then again, that was a while back when I wasn't a vegetarian either, so that doesn't say anything ;-)