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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lucy Loves...Sara?

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last time i checked, Sara Radle wasn't gay. i remember there was a boyfriend. that was years ago, but i'm sure its still the case. so we'll file this under sie *lesbian friendly shiz*.

i used to know Sara WAAAY back in the day (like totally 5 years ago and stuff). i didnt KNOW know her. i met her a couple of times cause she fronted a Dallas, TX band called Lucy Loves Schroeder. they were rad. they had lots of catchy songs, and wore lots of red and black. Sara wore a tie on stage. you guys would've loved it. but theyve sense disBANDed.

Sara's now in a group called The Rentals in L.A. (Tegan & Sara fans might recognize em), but in between gigs, she does some solo stuff. this is a cool vid she made. she plays all the instruments in the original recording, plays all the parts in the vid (i think i see a dyke in there somewhere!) and recorded and edited this herself. oh yeah, and she's purdy.

she's good lesbian material. dont you think? sorry *insert her boyfriend's name here*...oh and sara, if you see this, send me a message. we're in the same state (again)...we should totally do lunch. and by "lunch," i mean "alcoholic beverages."

add her as a friend here. and let her know who sent ya!

this stroll down memory lane made me think of another singer i met in Dallas. the first time i saw her play, she was playing for me, the bartender and a couple of drunk guys in the back. 5 years later, she's playing for millions on Rockstar : Supernova.

i featured Zayra in my magazine last year. love her or hate her, you gotta admit the girl has got juevos. not literally of course. cause literally, she's hot. and juevos-free. she has a boyfriend too. but is very gay-friendly (plays in gay clubs, etc). she also has a song where she says something like "and i'll find a guy ...or a girl..." and talks about what she'll do with them. good times.

i cant wait to see what she pulls out of her giant top hat next:-)

here's a clip of her singing an original on Rockstar. i heard the english version of this that first's come a long way from an empty Tuesday-night gig in Dallas!

and here's a music clip from an LATV performance i attended last year. this is more like the Zayra im used to. but she's a musical cameleon...never a sell-out.

y here is an interview with Kennedy (remember her?? :-) ) it was very interesting watching Rockstar, because no matter what, Zayra was being very *real* on that show. i was worried they'd create a character for her. but nope. two thumbs up for keepin it real!

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