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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"...a remote tropical island populated by beautiful young residents, gay & straight"

my girl Charlene posted this on myspace today. if youre in l.a., go to this event! if youre not in l.a., there's some really cool information about a new "Queer Supernatural Hit" tv show:-) check it out...

The Girls of Fuse are Thrilled to Announce
This Weeks Special Event
at O-Bar Restaurant

Meet the Ladies of
Dante's Cove
This Tuesday, November 7, 9pm at O-Bar Restaurant

Dante's Cove is a remote tropical island populated by beautiful young residents, gay and straight. It has a dark and dangerous history, as well as a web of supernatural intrigue. Find out more about this Queer Supernatural Hit at

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The first 100 people to arrive at our event this week will receive a copy of Curve Magazine and a ticket for a kick ass raffle! If you come early to dine, just find Michelle and Linda for your ticket and magazine.

Prime Dinner Reservations
323-833-3300 or go to to reserve your table
Cocktails and Debauchery available all night long

Music spun by DJ Josh Peace

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Anonymous said...

thats funny you know charlene. i went to her birthday party at the club she promotes, HERE in LA, which is actually 'Truckstop' on firday nights. soooo much fun.