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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

peppermint dick

i'm going to go be extra gay and check out Bitch in L.A. tonight, so i have to go jump on the train in a few minutes. if you're at Hotel Cafe and you see me, pleeeease say hi! :-)

here's a little joy to stuff in your stocking.

behold: the Whoopi, the Jillian, the Brittany, the Clea, the Winona, and oh yes, the Angelina....

"Girl Interrupted"


Natalie said...

that is by far the best scene in the entire movie. i crack up hysterically every time i see it, no matter how many times i've seen the movie. good choice!!

tanya said...

All the hottest ladies bunched into one movie. What more can I ask for?

Nikooru said...

Ok that's like my absolute fave part of that movie lol the cherry hottness. Of Ms.Jolie herself.

Crystal said...

Ohh how I was obsessed with that movie when I was 12.. I used to know every single line.. and apparently my memory isn't too rusty because as I played that clip I was totally mouthing the words and cracking up lol thanks for that Arlan!

Emily said...

Best movie in the WORLD!!!!

It combines like all of my favorite actresses. wh00t.

Im spamming all your old posts with comments. heehee <3 ya!