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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Save the gay the world!

you guys have all met my wife right?


and we're a happily married couple, but we have an arrangement. she gets to go out and pretend she's dating this old dude in public, and i get to also marry Clea Duvall.

Clea's been doin it for me since i saw her in The Faculty. oh my goodness. did you see that?? hot. hot. hot. she was also in "Can't Hardly Wait" & "She's All That" where i think she played the same character in both;-) she's been in several movies + cool tv shows like HBO's Carnivale and a hilarious (and hot!) guest role on the WB's Popular. and then of course she became a lesbian icon when she did "Girl, Interrupted" & "But I'm a Cheerleader."

but if you haven't seen her in "Thirteen Conversations About One Thing," you haven't seen her best work. she blew my mind in that movie. it made me think she could have played Brandon Teena in "Boys Dont Cry." thats how good she was. (you can rent all of these @

sooo, if you're a Clea fan and didnt know about this, im here to give you some good news. you can watch Clea (almost) every Monday on the NBC show "Heroes." she plays an FBI badass. love it.

i started watching Heroes from the first episode. i was really just waiting for Studio 60 to come on and had some time to kill. i hadnt heard of Heroes at all...and usually dont like things like X-men. but this is now my new favorite drama. its SO addictive. so imagine my delight when a couple of episodes in, i see "starring...clea duvall" roll across my screen. i paused tivo, and walked slowly towards the tv...then tenderly placed my hand on it next to her name. hey im not a freak, so i didnt make out with the screen you guys! sheesh. i mean, at least not til she was actually ON screen. then i gave it tongue like it was going out of style.

here's a trailer of sorts for the show. clea's only in it for 3 seconds, but she gets lots of screentime on the show. and this bitch is also in it and she's hotter than hell. watch it with me TONIGHT!!

"The Faculty"

"But I'm a Cheerleader"


Heather said...

I thought of you when I saw the first episode she was in. Seriously.

I watch Heroes religiously. >> I love those type of shows.

And Ali Larter is so hot.

Crystal said...


Anonymous said...

Yea HEROES was awesome tonight!! I can't wait till next monday. Oh and I loved "But I'm A Cheerleader" I just got to watch it for the first time like 4 days ago.

lisa said...

i haven't seen heroes, but thank you so much for finally doing a post about clea. glad to hear there are more like me out there. she was awesome in BIAC, but i have yet to see girl, interrupted. and she was in an episode of buffy once, near the end of the first season... playing an insane invisible person.

i don't know how common this is, but not all the vids are showing up on my screen... possibly some broken linkage?

rednblck said...

i need more heroes!!!! ahh... one hour isn't enough....

Anonymous said...

i've never seen heroes but i have only heard good things... but im a cheerleader is one of my ultimate favorite movies ever!!! it makes me laugh so freakin' hard even when i see the trailer.. i will try to catch heroes cause clea duvall is right up there with parker posey in my book.. :D

Anonymous said...

oh, my goodness. this movie looks freakin halarious. I'm definatly going to rent it and see it. i was laughing through the whole trailer...>.<

Shannon said...

I think my heart skipped a beat when I first saw Clea pop up on Heroes... closely following that, I yelled "CLEA'S ON TV!!" Nothing is better. And yes, Ali Larter is hot as all hell. She was actually in the first two Final Destinations -- you should look into it :).