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Saturday, December 23, 2006

"3 for 3, you are a homosexual, Barbara."

the last 40 seconds of this vid makes me wanna poke my eye with a straw. but the first min and 40 seconds are really cute, i think. anyone who's seen the first season of South of Nowhere will recognize the first bit. the main chick that's talkin' is someone i would have liked to have hung out with in high school. and the chick she's askin the questions to...i see a love connection in their future. aw. if youre 16 & under, i guess you can talk to one of the girls (dont know which one) by going to her myspace page. i wouldnt recommend anyone over 16 doin that. wouldnt you feel creepy? update: seems theyre 18, not 16. i guess "Loving Annabelle's" just got me really paranoid;-) you can talk to the chick asking the questions on her myspace page.

i was thinking, it'd be really cool if some of you chicks that read my blog would send me vids of you talkin about sumthin' gay or doin sumthin' gay...or like, doin somethin thats not necessarily gay, but the fact that *you are* gay, would make it gay. ya know? i dont know, it would just be cool to have a post with some reader vids. of course, make it interesting and somethin you'd wanna see on here...but use your imaginations and gay it up!

how many times can i say "gay" and "first" in one post? hmm?

if you wanna submit somethin to me, i cant promise that it'll make it on here, but i'll try! send me the link to it with a little description to my myspace page @ it can be like uh...Lesbians Got Talent or uh...the Real World: Lesbiantown. or you know, something not as LAME. :-)


~Daisy~ said...

I do those things that make people stop and say 'omg you're SO gay' to me all the time... maybe i should record one of them... hehe.
(lack of camera being the current problem...)
i just wanna say THANKYOU ARLAN for this blog because it's >awesome< and my days would be alot more boring without it. I'm stuck in straightsville south UK lol so internet is vital to me :)

Anonymous said...

omg... so many 16 year olds blabbering on at the same time, it's like nails on a chalkboard!

in other news, my gaydar is apparently working because it pinged to life for the cute chick in the red shirt. jeeze, jailbait! walking away now. :|

richarde,FRANCE said...

just cool and funny !!

we were just all like that !!!!forty years ago :)

Anonymous said...

actually, we're both legal. i'm the one with glasses. my myspace page is and barbara's is

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

yay:-) well i went to the one chick's page who the youtube profile belongs to, and she's 15 (it says on her profile) i just figured. but now that youre legal...lets go see a movie:-)

Anna said...

So, speaking of "Loving Annabelle," did you see it? i would be really interested to know what you though of it. I won't say any more than that, in case you haven't seen it.

Mary said...

Just watched it yesterday and I love it :P.. hehe.. is there other movies you guys recommend :o?

Anonymous said...

what the heck? i'm not 16. i'm 19 for crying out loud. haha. glad you guys liked the video i guess

from the girl in the red shirt

Anonymous said...

I watch this first a couple of days ago, and I thought two things one they seem older then 15 (I'm 17 by the way) and two something seems familar like they could be somewhere close to me or in my town. If what the myspace says is right then we have the same area code.