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Saturday, December 23, 2006

i'll do things to you...good things...

"Cosa Bella" is a really well-made movie short that i just came across. its 16 minutes long and i have all of it here. before posting, i did some research to make sure i wasnt taking away any money from the writer/director Fiona MacKenzie by posting the entire thing here. but it seems that she wants it to get out to as many people as possible. if you like this, you should check out Fiona's 2007 movie "Alpha Numeric" starring Winona Ryder. right now it looks like its coming out in the UK first. hopefully wide release soon after.

update! you can purchase this short along with 5 others on the DVD "She Likes Girls". click here to purchase.

"Cosa Bella"
written & directed by: Fiona MacKenzie
starring: Alexie Gilmore & Stephanie Szostak

Part 1

Part 2

+ there's a love scene
+ the song in the love scene is "Breathe Me" by Sia.
+ the one chick's hot Polish accent
+ i think they went a long way on their $30,000 budget
+ you know, lesbians. thats hot.

- im not in love with the ending

...but, if i were going to film a movie, i dont think i'd know how to end it either. and this past weekend, i heard someone say on my 2nd favorite older white dude tv show (second to "Frasier"), "Sunday Morning Shootout", "a happy ending means the story's just not over yet." im paraphrasing cause he said it a lot better than that. but i agree.


Crystal said...

well i for one enjoyed the happy ending, since soooo many lesbian films are heart wrenchly sad

Debi said...

Awsome short! I like the happy ending too! LOVE all your posts! :O)

NGoc said...

The girls are HOT. Love the happy ending too :D