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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Geri Halliwell and Kylie Minogue...snoggin.

'ats right. snoggin'.

hmm...its good to see England and Australia getting along so well...innit.

i think i can safely say that the audience's applause represents ours.

attention: could everyone who is british and reading this please call me and leave messages (naughty or nice) on my phone? thank you kindly.
UPDATE! snapvine now says that you can call the voice comment thingy (on the right) from any country! so on "record by phone" to get the number and code...and call me ladies;-)


Go_Sailor said...

That British guy with the glasses was a total turnoff for me - otherwise I loved it :3

Anonymous said...

.. yeah soo.. is it bad to say when i was like 7 i LOVED Geri.. like she was my favorite spice girl.. lmao my parents shoulda known i was gay then! GOSH.

Anonymous said...

hahaha That was awesome. I was already in a good mood but now I want to PARTY! instead of just party! lol (last day of finals good.:))

That was feel good hottness.:) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sure, what's your number? :D

Ever been over to Britain?

Nilla said...


gaby. said...

haha, what's the number? i'd be happy to call :]

Karlie said...


that was amazing. and the kiss, weirdly gave me goosebumps.

he's right..
again, again!

CoEn said...

yeah when i was 8 i used to pretend i was sporty spices little sister and i had a thing with Geri....yet i didnt realize i was gay until sophmore year?

haha code word: realize

this wasnt available for me to see on here, but i searched it and yeah.. madd hot lol. wErd