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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"a saint was licking away my soils"

did someone say "swiss boarding school?"

um, yes please:

(from "Therese & Isabelle...released in 1968!)

oh my jesus. this is definitely one of the best things ive ever seen/heard in my life. and ive seen LOTS of shit.


Anonymous said... WOW!!!!!me likey me wanna too!!!!!

emmmmmily said...

oh man. this was a WONDERFUL thing to watch before bed. oh thank you haah

Anonymous said...

Damn that was hot. Thanx Arlen alot!

east of madagascar said...

the narration on that clip is ridiculous.
b) incredible use of metaphor:
"i could feel stigmata opening up my entrails"
"that male organ that we all have.. eunuch taking heart again"

"she became short of saliva. she created more"

"i had a maddening eel battering itself against my inner walls"


you know you're having a good orgasm when it inspires you to write surrealist poetry.

Natalie said...

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...


jasmine said...

haha. wow arlen.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

i hate to interrupt all this hotness with a silly thing...but i see this is the second time someone called me "arlen." my name is "arlan." i know, not a big difference. who cares, right? i do:-)

but the good thing about how you guys spell my name is that when its moaned in my ear, its pronounced the same! true story.


Anonymous said...

my goodness. and here I was thinking that 'bulgaria' couldn't be matched.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

is it bad that ive watched 10 times already since yesterday?

Anonymous said...

yes its completley bad....ive watched it 12 times. =P

Amy said...

(Finding the DVD online and buying it now.)

LalaLoca21 said...

That's hot shit right there. The fact that they even made lesbian porn in 1968 is enough to make me cream all over this chair right here. But I do have to agree with "east of madagascar" about the ridiculousness of the narrative. I wanted to kick Therese in the head when she said that bit about all of us having a "male organ". Having a clit is so much better.

Anyway, thanks Arlan. Made my day.

jackie said...

can we say HOLY SHIT!!!!! come she gets to have women walk into her room and say i want to look at you...and then strip for you?!?

Just Jak said...

That...That was incredible.