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Thursday, December 21, 2006

i wish kristen wiig and maya rudolph would do this!

haha, have i mentioned how much i love you Brits?

from a sketch show called "Smack the Pony"...


Anonymous said...

Hehehehe, that is awesome! I love that actress...can't remember her name...the blonde one :s
I hope that's not how all straight girls react after doing a gay scene!!

noji said...

Geeeenius. Really miss Smack the Pony :( and in response to the earlier comment the blonde one is called Sally Phillips. Love Her.

Elka and KC said...

KC and I are obssessed with Kristen Wiig. She looks like a rabbit.


gaby. said...

we love you too :] haha nice vid

Meeks said...

BWhaha.....I would so do that if I had to kiss a hot chick in a movie!! Oh woops....i fucked it up again more take!!


Thanks Arlan