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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

“Is this why you wanted a queen size bed and put a lock on your door?"

i was sent this essay by a chick that reads my blog. i thought it was very honest/entertaining and i wanted to share it with you all. i think we can all relate!

click here to read her essay.

you can visit Emma's myspace page by clicking on her pic below.

here's an excerpt:

"A week earlier I had a conversation with my mom, a blond heavy-accented Swedish woman, that went something like: “I think I’m a lesbian,” to her nervously laughing and shaking her head like I was six years old and had just asked to paint the walls with my fingers. Not only did she not believe me, but the word “lesbian” to her sounds too much like the Swedish word “leskigt,” which means scary and weird. She started cooking dinner and insisted that I didn’t use that word again."


Anonymous said...

that was a really great essay!!!

~G-siz~ said...

Ok so i haven't been on much to be in tune with the daily lesbianism, but when i can i check 'em all out cuz i love your posts Arlan, anyway i gotta say i love Emma's short essay, because it was that, "short." I think there's more to it though and it would be cool if she would follow up on it, if she wants, hehe. Ok well props Em.
<3 Gen

Anonymous said...

whoa! that was very moving and funny to. The ending is priceless. thanks for sharing.

mary said...

SERIÖST!? =seriously in swedish :P hahaha! I really loved the essay! Btw girl your the coolest! this blog and Brudens Blogg is my favorite blogs! ey have you listened to any more of Robyns music?
take care!