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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hardcore Corn. girls are funny...

don't you hate it when you invite your skanky porn friends* over for a drink and good conversation, and all they end up doing is getting into a slap fight and tickling each other and rolling around on the floor with their panties on off? its like, guys, come on, lets watch American Idol. this is childish. you guys totally SUCK. and are skanky.


ive seen lots of vids lately that id love to post here, but i wont cause theyre from porn movies. but while i wont post em, we can certainly talk about em, right? yeah. im going to go ahead and declare myself Mayor of Your Daily Lesbian Moment City and say YES to the *talking freely about porn* initiative.

i did a survey of a few friends and strangers once and found something quite interesting. i found that 90% of the people i surveyed preferred to watch porn that didnt involve something they actually DO in real life. like if it was a straight chick, she answered that she preferred watching girl on girl porn. and if it was a lesbian, she answered she liked straight porn. or if it was a straight dude, he answered that he liked....well...ANYTHING to do with porn. the word porn, the idea of porn, things with the word "corn." that chick Claire Forloni (sp?) cause it SORTA sounds like porn. if you close your eyes, chew some ice and say it with a southern accent.

oh and as a side note, having absolutely NOTHING to do with porn: i want that Melinda Doolittle to sing me to sleep every night. i'd buy her album today if she had one. aaand...i like her name cause its sorta like...what she'd be called if she were in a cartoon. Doolittle.

im sure "doolittle" has to be part of some porn title.


(*if you are a skanky porn girl, and i have offended you, i am sorry. i meant no harm. i actually like skanky porn girls. i think theyre lovely, beautiful, skanky people who should be respected. to me, "skanky" is a term of endearment. its also a word i use to make fun of certain women. and then giggle to myself in a coffeeshop. hee hee. <---just like that.)


Anonymous said...

woo this girl in the red undies is really hot, um why did it stop when she was abou to take her bra off lol!! theres no justice haha and those 2 girls were just watchin them fight each other

Shaye Dubya said...

Chick in the red, Briana.

Chick in the black tee, Savannah Samson.

Chick that should have been there, Jenna Jameson. She is the queen of all things porn. I love me some Jenna.

Briana loves Jenna. Porn title. Won an (AVN) award. Rockin' good time.

I know a lot about porn. What can I say? I used to watch the Spice Channel when I was younger.

~G-siz~ said...

i find porn boring, sorry ppl.

Anonymous said...

WTF?...that was just too fucked-up!
I hate the porn lesbians, I don't find them very sexy at all. It's all so fake.

alex said...

what happened in the end??!! it stopped just as it was getting good!
i second the *talking freely about porn* initiative.

Bianca said...

Arlan, have I told you lately how much I love you? You completely made my day!
Oh, and I also love Jenna Jameson!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha they are quite skanky...I hate porn lesbians too. Or should that be "lesbians" sigh.
But the comment was hilarious Arlan hehe :)

CaitrĂ­ona said...

What does it say about me that I saw a behind the scenes of that, there was an actual bitch fight between Briana and the girl she was stradling/choking over a boyfriend/ex boyfriend...