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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

attention england: prepare the invitations

there are 2 things you need to know:

1. everyone needs to go to this bitch's myspace page and like, tell her she's the bomb for finding this video for us. and when i say "this bitch," i mean to say: the woman who currently rocks my world.


2. i am soon embarking on a little world tour. well not world tour cause i aint Diddy (even though back when he was still normal and i looked up to him, i did have a special jacket made in his honor...see below). im just goin to a few places so i can see friends, and meet new ones. i'll be crashing on couches and eatin' beef jerky (mmm), but i'm sure i'll have the time of my life. if you know me at all, you KNOW that i had to include england on my 1/16-world tour.

now ladies, when i get to england, im going to have to insist that EVERYTHING you see in this next clip happens to me. im leaving it up to all of you brits to get together and plan this party or several parties across the country...invite me to them, and then start the best game of "operator" ive ever seen:

p.s. i didnt mention the fact that the tape quality was poor because part of me was hoping that it was supposed to be this way when it originally aired. ya know, as sort of a veil, so that its not completely revealing everything that happens. i thought it was a sexy idea. but if its just poor tape quality, than...drats! or somethin. :-)
(it's a commercial from this site.)

which cities should i visit in england? i already have london, manchester and birmingham on my list of places to do...ahem, i mean SEE. but where do you guys live...and who wants to go out for a drink with me??

oh and see, i didnt lie:


Crystal said...

awsome :)

have fun traveling!!

Anonymous said...

Stay as far the fuck away from Coventry as you possibly can

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

anonymous, i cant decide if you want me to stay away cause thats where you live and you dont want me there, or because its not a good place to go.

until i know the answer, im 50% offended;-)

Dan said...

In relation to Coventry, I'd say it 'aint a good place so don't take it personal!

You HAVE to go to Brighton. Highest UK lesser population - FACT.

moondog said...

is there any room in your luggage for a stow away to london? :) have a great trip and keep in touch!

mylabel said...

brighton is definitely a popular place for the lgbt community and if you could fit it in i totally recommend it.

i'm in canterbury and the only thing to see here is the church (and once you see one old church you've seen a thousand in my opinion). the towns got 30k people odd and the uni's got 11k people odd so that gives you and idea of how small the place is.

but what am i going on about ... i'm not british and frankly i may know like 5 british people, none of them gay ... this uni is very international so my friends are from all over the world ... so i cant hook you up with any british accents ... but if you want to sidetrack during your trip to london to see canterbury i'd be more than happy to take you for a drink ... have fun in the land of wet

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

the land of wet?? man, it just keeps gettin better.

noji said...

OK, I wouldn't actually recommend that anyone visit Bournemouth in the Winter (unless they have to)But if you do happen by this way I'd love to take you for a beer and show you our "scene" We're apparently the 5th most gay place in the UK :)

However you really should visit Brighton. You'll have a great time and meet lots of "nice" British lezza's

Anonymous said...

No Arlan, I'm looking out for you :) I used to live there and christ it's a shit hole.

do however take the time to visit Stratford where Shakespeare was born. it's a pretty cool town and not that far out of the way from Birmingham.

skills said...

dude u have to come check out the best pub in the uk. you see it even has myspace. il get it to add u and then u can ask for directions. cambridge by the way.

Anonymous said...

You should come up to scotland! Ok its like freezing up here but we still have a good scene epecially Glasgow, However Edinbrugh is not far behind and catching up fast lol.

Have fun travelling

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would say Glasgow. It's a fine, albeit very scary, city. I live here but I don't have the slightest Scottish accent. I have no accent at all, I'm just a bit British!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Scotland is also the birthplace of the utterly delicious Simone Lahbib star of Bad Girls, and if you haven't heard of either then you're sorely missing out and you should take a look on youtube. 1/2 of the most smoking hot couple on TV ever.


Julie_Gong said...

Have fun in England! I had a blast the last time I was there.

Does anyone know the name of the song in the video?

Brian said...

The advertisement was hot, but the tape quality was poor :(

Kary said...

Hey Arlan,

So..what are the dates of this world tour...where ya gonna be? Cause...i'll take you for a drink if we're in london at the same time...

The candybar in london (SoHo small gayfriendly part of london) and G-A-Y can be a good time.

Anonymous said...

next time you're touring around, pls keep Singapore in your list(: its a hot sunny island,but full of love though. uhh, im gibberish.

love your blog, totally. and is it possible for me t order your shirts and get them delievered here?

i just started reading your blog not long ago, and i regret not doing so earlier!

im vonn by the way(:
rock on.

Anonymous said...

personally i think ireland is better than england and plus the accent is way hotter!

Chauneille said...

If you are passing Milton Keynes i'll buy the first round x

Anonymous said...

And right after London, jump into the Eurostar and come party in Brussels! You'll have AAALL the accents you want there!

If you like beer and hot chicks, you HAVE to come to Belgium! But all the places mentionned here above (or right under...) are great! LOVE UK!

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

kary, thanks! ive been to the candy bar once in late 2002. i loved it when i was there. would love to hit it up again. and vonn, hi! yes you can buy a shirt and i can send it to singapore. no problem:-)

amy said...

Awesome video
and Have fun travelling

Think you'll really Like Manchester
I love the village...theres all the big bars/clubs on canal street (main street in gay village) and then theres the smaller ones which are cheper and still soo much fun!
Vanilla is the hot les'll love it ;)

Maybe see you out!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Leicester and I wouldn't highly recommend it, not many cool gay places, I travel elsewhere when I go out. I highly big up Brighton too, Manchester and London.

ashley said...

im up for that game of operator. have fun traveling! i would love to do the same.

obscured crimson said...

my jaw dropped. just.. dropped.

Daffers said...

Let us know when your in Manchester, I'll buy you a couple of beers! :) As well as Vanilla thats already been mantioned, there is Coyotes where all the girls go! Personally you can't beat Via on a Sunday night hehe

Jo said...

Manchester is awesome love it to pieces.
Have to do Brighton known as gay-ness capital of the UK but in my eyes that belongs to Manchester.
London, has to be done! Lots of nice bars.
Glasgow, recent visit made me realise this is a great city!
Cambridge has a few nice bars and good end of the month club night call Dot Cottons.
As for where I am in Peterborough.. Stay away... *banjo plays the song from Deliverance*
Seriously 1 and 1/2 gay bars it's a boiling pot that puts the interconnections on Alice's Chart on the L Word to shame!!
Have a good trip and Vanilla and Coyotes in Mad-Chester or Delmonicas and Polo Lounge in Glasgow are my fave places!

Anonymous said...

Coyotes is amazing but Vanilla can be too small at time. It does have the BEST alcoholic slush puppies so it's worth a look.

Anonymous said...

vonn here again!

is it possible we pay by cash? cos im having troubles looking for someone t help me pay by card):

thanks for replying. its heartwarming t see you addressing our replies one by one.

im gay too! =D
much loves.

Noelle said...

hehe nice pic arlan. okey dokey well i don't live in england but i did happen to spend the summer there and the one night i decided to go lesbo club was pretty amazing to say the least. sooooo....when u go to london u should check out The Candy Bar ( ...some pretty hot bartenders. i'm planning on travelling back there after i graduate...and party hard for a few months or hopefully get a job there. There's one in soho and brighton k.

and of course i juts saw that some1 else left a comment about the candy bar.......oh u have a link to the site. :-)

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

hey there VONN, please send me a message on myspace at and i'll help you out. thanks.

after__dark said...

As soon as I saw you'd be stopping off in manchester, thought I'd better direct you towards Coyotes. Guess I've been beaten by a few!

I'm from Manchester but now in Edinburgh. More gay nights than it is gay bars unfortunately, but I'm sure you could still spice this part of scotland up!

Have fun x

stacy said...

Hahaha awesome.. Come to corby, okay its not the best town in england hah, but im there! And why not! lol


partsofme said...

julie_gong the song is called "hustler" by simian mobile disco.
keep on doing a great job, arlan!

Anonymous said...

Ah well, coming to the UK. How nice for you given that it's raining most of the time at the moment.

However, in the spirit of entente cordiale, I do hope you enjoy Manchester. If you want a guide or a Director of Good Stuff, please feel free to give me a shout. I'm only too happy to email and organise something.