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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lonelygirl15 better keep her grubby paws off my wife.

yeah...i guess the good news about Katharine Mcphee's upcoming appearance (friday, jan 19th) on uh...Lonelygirl15's internet show is that i'll get to see her, and it means that she'll do just about anything to promote her new cd that comes out on the 30th. so maybe she'll stop by my house and do an interview for this site. ha, could you imagine?

the bad news is...its Lonelygirl15?

but whatever...maybe they'll make out at the end since that Bree chick is really 20 in real life. that could work. i could forgive her for not letting me capture her first low-budget (well, not anymore i guess) web appearance (aside from all the lovemaking vids...).

read the whole story @

thanks to this reader AND this reader for letting me know! you guys take such good care of me:-)


Brunettes Do It Better said...

Hey Arlan, I was listening to the radio this morning and Guess What!!.....

Katherine McPhee has signed a contract with Big Sexy Hair inc., so her hairstylist was on and was talking about her hair.
He said that when she went to go and get her first shots done with Big Sexy Hair that she had really fine, thin hair. Her hair that you see everyday in public are extensions and weave! I was fucking shocked, her hair is what makes her so sexy. She's fine no matter what though! ;)

just thought I'd let you know so when you pull on her hair while you're doin' it, you aren't shocked if it comes out in your hand lol ;)

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

thank you very much for the info. i did post about the sexy hair signing thing a while back.

but you know, i can honestly tell you that her having hair extensions doesnt bother me at all. im black. ive seen some weave before. :-)

as long as her legs arent extensions and her tits arent extensions, and her lips are real...and her tongue...and smile....semi real...i wont be taking back the wedding ring anytime soon.

thanks though! :-)