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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Big Brother's little sister is gettin down

first these chicks in Bulgaria, now's still Christmas!

oh my:

anyone fluent in german who'd like to translate a bit of this? danke!


JD said...

omg hotness. doesnt even need any tranlastion! mmmm


lecy! said...

oh my! that thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

The only thing I could translate was the text,lol.

Endlich alleine

Finally, only

Anonymous said...

OK, let’s see if I can translate all of that.

First the man in the background: There is apparently more than friendship between Franzi and Janine

Than one of the other girls: Are you kissing again?

Backgroundman: That is too hot for Nicole. She wants to leave.

Another girl: What are you doing? You’re kissing!!!

The two maincharacters: No!!! (Yeah, right ;-) ). You can turn the lights on, we are not kissing!

Nicole?: I’m gonna have something to drink.

Someone says: They will never come again, you will see.

Finally alone…

Than one of them says something about the blanket.

Anonymous said...

Well, my german's not fluent. But I can tell you this, the commentator says at the beginnign 'oftentimes there's something more between suchandsuch and soandso (names are hard to catch) than friendship.' Then later the other woman is annoyed and says 'you're making out again!' and the one girl says 'no!' and the annoyed woman says 'you're kissing!' and the other girl says 'no, were not kissing'. But she was lying.

Anonymous said...

im taking a lil bit of german in college and i had a lil bit in high school. the girl thats on the other bed is like saying that they were kissing. the narrator says that that girl on the bed is too hot. the girl who was kissing was like "no!" then i think asks something like can someone kiss or something. and then the other girl is like "never, im going somewhere" and then i dont know what the other part says. but the endlich allein doesnt mean finally, only. it means finally alone.

Pia said...

I'm German,so I'll try to translate it a bit.
The first thing the guy says is:
"Apparently Franzi and Janine are more than just Friends."
The second is:"The thing is getting too hot for Nicole,
so she leaves the room."
Nicole says:"You're kissing!"
But the girls deny it.
That's it,actually..

Anonymous said...

I cant believe they put that on TV. Why dont I live in belgium.

Anonymous said...

Franzi & Jeanine obviously are connected by more than just plain friendship.

"Are you making out again?"

The whole thing is too 'hot' for Nicole and she escapes.

"What are you doing?"

"Hello? You are kissing!"

"We're not kissing."

"I'm gonna go have a drink now."

Well.. there you go. That was the stuff that I were able to understand, the rest of is only mumbling.

Loving your blog Arlan, by the way. You're my hero. <3

Oh, and "Endlich alleine.." means "Finally alone..". =)

Anna. <3

Anonymous said...

lol Even though I didn't know what they were saying at the time (till i read this) it was fun just to see/hear them laughing.:) Then it was just hot.

Thanks to all the translators! Definitely.

And thanks to you, arlan.:):)