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Friday, January 19, 2007

Daniela Sea answers YOUR questions!

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i first met daniela in november of 2004 while she was touring and doing merch for her girlfriend, singer/activist bitch. i was on tour with my buddy terra and she and bitch had a show together in austin the night Bush was re-elected (ew). this was before the L Word. i was on the phone in the small venue talking to my mother, and this chick walked past me as she was loading in gear. i swear i hung up on my mother right then and there, stared blankly for a bit, and as Daniela walked back towards me, i said "i know this is weird for me to say, but you're beautiful. wow."

uh huh. suave, i know;-) but seriously, she is SO stunning in person that you sort of lose your way. you lose your senses. and she was so humble about it that i wasnt even slightly embarrassed. i wasnt trying to hit on her. it was beyond that. there was something very special about this merch girl. and as i watched her shyly sell cds, and dance in the back of the place while Bitch rocked it on stage, i knew i'd see her again.

and boy, did i:-) (on the show!)

daniela answered some of the questions you guys submitted and provided a couple of pics. it should be noted that we did all of this without a publicist because she reads the blog and is as cool as hell about setting things up. thanks to daniela for being my first interview on the site (i miss doing these for my magazine) and i hope to do more in the near future!

and now...i love saying this:

this is Daniela Sea's lesbian moment...


Lynn P
Sunny Florida Baby!

Q: Even though it is only acting, how does your girlfriend cope with you and your co-workers getting naked and all steamy on screen?

"Bitch is a trained actor and has been performing all her life, so for
her, it's not an issue what I do when I'm acting and making my art. She's very supportive."


Maria Alejadra
New Jersey,U.S

Q: Hi, I gotta say i totally love the L word, to me it's the best show on earth. My question for you is; How hard was it for you to be gay when you were growing up, and how different do you think it's now? Were your parents supportive?

"For me, I see being different as a great asset. Being queer is one of the best things in my life. Having the kind of community we have is invaluable and makes my life so full and rich. It wasn't easy growing up queer. Mostly because of how it felt
in school. I was different, that's for sure. I expressed that difference and was raised to do so by my artist parents. So I don't know what marked me as an outsider first, my queerness, my tomboyness, or my artist and rebel sensibilities. We have to be strong and proud to live a fulfilled life, and I definitely got some early and sometimes painful lessons on the subject of being myself. But I wouldn't have it any other way."


Martinez, Ca

Q: Did you watch The L Word before you were a character on the show?

"I watched 1/2 of an episode once. I'm not much of a TV person. But a lot of my friends were big fans and were psyched when I got the job."



Q: I know you've lived as a man before in India, do you feel that helped you fill the roll of Max? If so, how?

"For actors, our life experience is our palet to paint from. Living as a guy in India was definitely one of the colors in the mix of Max."


Age 28
San Diego, CA

Q: If you could change any one thing about your character and how he's portrayed on the show, would you? What would you change?

"I like Max the way he is, with all his strengths and weaknesses."


Michelle :)
Victoria, BC (Canada)

Q: Hey Daniela, Was this season (4) more comfortable for you seeing as you'd already spent a season getting to know the cast and now there are whole bunch of new people?

"I had a good time this season. I loved the material. It was great to see the cast and crew again, and get a chance to tell some cool and different stories together, as a team. It takes so many people with all different kinds of skills to make a TV show or a film happen. And our crew is renowned as one of the best in the industry. I was really happy to get to know our new cast members each of whom is so awesome and talented and a joy to be around."


Asheville/Lexington, NC

Q: First off, did you know from the start you'd be playing a trans guy, or did the producers kind of... surprise you? How difficult was it to act as a convincing transgendered bio female?

"Acting is always a challenge, and should be scary if it's worth anything. I knew, once I was hired, that Moira would be questioning and would probably pursue a transition."


Bonn, Germany

Q: It says on the website that you have tried living different ways of lives - there is an quite exotic example of living in India as a man. What would be another way of life that you haven't expierienced yet but would like to try, if you could be just about anybody, anywhere right now?

"I'd love to be an archaeologist studying nomadic life in places like Mongolia and
Kyrgyzstan. Even better would be to live that way."


matapouri bay, New Zealand

Q: What is your number 1 all-time favourite song in the world that affects you more than no other?

"As a musician and more importantly a lover of music, it's impossible to pick
one all time favorite song. There is only one song that I've found that describes the profound evolution that true travelling can allow you. It is Joni Mitchell's Refuge of the Roads from the album Hejira."



Q: Would you ever consider going through with sexual reassignment
surgery like Max is on the L Word?

"I love the feeling of making new spaces in the world and inhabiting them with an open heart. In terms of gender there is and has always been way more than just the binary-male/female. To me, gender spans a spectrum. It's a fluid thing. I like to feel mobile and free within it. It's not always easy, but it's my nature."



Q: What do you want L Word fans to take away from/learn from the character of "Moira/Max" on the show?

"I want the audience to get to know Max and see life from his perspective."


Arlan's questions:

Q: is there a contract rule or anything where you cant say negative things about the producers/writers or you'll be in trouble, or do you feel that generally it's a professional courtesy not to? (at the L2 convention in London, it seemed like other cast members were very candid about their opinions without completely crossing a line.)

"I have alot of respect for the writers and producers of the show. They are visionaries, women and radicals. I don't have anything negative to say about them, so it's not an issue. And there is nothing in the contract regarding that."

Q: where were you when you first saw yourself on television and what was that experience like?

"When I first saw myself on The L Word, I was in DC at a Human Rights Campaign benefit. It was exciting and slightly overwhelming. Luckily, there were a fair number of older women in the room who had lived through times of great repression whom had fought, putting their lives on the line, for the right to live and love as they pleased. Their dedication and great vision made it so that our generation could be live a more free and open life. It was quite moving to see myself on TV for the first time in their company."

Q: do you ever feel like running away again and being a gypsy?

"Yes. Definitely."

Q: what do you hope for yourself for the near future? another season, to pursue your own music, etc?

"I'm loving making all kinds of things and I'm excited to see what they become and
where they take me. Nothing's really changed, as far as that stuff goes. I've been writing a fair amount, and playing with my band, Bitch and The Exciting Conclusion, and acting on the show and in a couple of films. I'm in a film called Itty Bitty Titty Committee that's premiering at the Berlin Film Festival on February 10th and at South by Southwest in March. It's about a group of anarcho feminists and it's totally rad. Shortbus, the first film I acted in, is still in some theaters and is coming out on DVD soon."

Q: where should Katharine Mcphee and I go for our second honeymoon?

"I think you should take her to Belize. It's beautiful!"

...and Belize it is!

watch daniela as Max on the L Word every sunday! -arlan


mylabel said...

wow ... i am stunned ... she is gorgeous and thank you for interviewing her and posting the responses

my hands are shaking while typing this ... wow

Erin said...

OMG Arlan that was awesome... Daniela's inner beauty shinned all over that interview! Rock on! I love this blog!

green said...

ok, let me just state the obvious:

i love her!

she's so articulate and intelligent. and, since i love max, i'm very excited to see that she does, too. :)

if you don't mind me asking, how was this interview conducted? because i'm hoping, however it went down, that you gave her my email address....


p.s. the last photo = *sigh*

sloganx said...

That's awesome Arlan. Good questions. Daniela Sea rules! Hope you've booked your tickets to Belize!


Emeri said...

Damn! I missed asking her questions. Errr....

Emeri said...

Daniela is an amazing person and everything I've learned about her inspires me. Please thank her for me for passion and beauty (I mean inner as well as outer btw), and thank you for doing the interview.

Robot Secks said...

such an awesome interview! daniela sea is so incredibly nice and insightful!

I've really come to like Max this season, cause you can see that he's more comfortable with himself and those around him.

Anonymous said...

that's awesome arlan! thanks to you and to daniela for answering everyone's questions. i can only imagine how beautiful her eyes must look in person when they look so damn amazing on tv - so lucky you!

Anonymous said...

damn shes amazing, beautiful, and shes seems like one of those people that i could talk to for hours about her life experiences. IM JEALOUS THAT YOU KNOW HER.

Anonymous said...

daniela is a huge source of inspiration for me. the way she lives her life is incredible. thanks for doing a blog on her. :).

obscured crimson said...

this was very cool =] she's damn gorgeous.. i would love to run into her sometime, and talk about.. anything.

Laura said...

gorgeous eyes and beautiful answers.
I sooo want to see Bitch again in Lexington, KY now. I saw her perform before Amy Ray and the Volunteers at The Dame in Lex. I wonder now if Daniela was on the scene that night. :)
Can you tell me Daniela? Hmm... That would have been October 12th, 2005, a Wednesday.

paradroidpersona said...

Just like everyone else here, I thought that was …****opens thesaurus to come up with a better word then awesome, fails...god damn it!****

The interview put a huge smile on my face today, made work go by much quicker, thanks for that Arlan.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of Max (as a character) and I didn’t know anything about Daniela Sea outside of the L Word, now I’ve spent three hours (skiving off work) finding out more about her.

Thanks again Arlan….***damn I wish I had something more poignant to say*** :)


Her Story SA said...

Wonderful interview! thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Great interview! I love Daniela

Minnie-sota said...

Thanks for the interview. That's a beautiful picture of Daniela.