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Saturday, January 20, 2007

everything's comin' up Daisies...

i love love love reader vid submissions:-) keep them comin!

this one comes from 17 year old UK dweller Daisy. you can visit her myspace page by clicking here. she's just uploaded two versions of her song "Back Into His Arms." i like it cause in one, she has a teddy bear in the background, and she's sitting...sub, if you will. and in the other, Pink's on her wall, we're now in the tank/vest motif and its standing room only:-) of course there's the accent that i also love so much, and i dont wanna embarrass her, but she just seems really sweet. dont she?

*notice purple string* :-D

i also enjoy the dexterity in her guitar playing. and the fact that she forgets the name of the song first thing. im tellin you, if it werent for that damned "Loving Annabelle"...*sigh*

*version a*

"Here's a lil song i wrote. i'd be interested to hear any feedback. i know the sound quality isn't great and i know i'm not the best singer in the world, it's more about the potential. be nice! hehe, thanks."

*version b*

"this is another recording of my song to try and improve the sound quality a litle... not sure if it worked. and i kept forgetting my words hehe. smooooth."

now on her myspace page it says that she plays violin as well. id love to see a vid of that! and it also says she's single, ladies. again, im trying to stay out of JAIL, so i wont be goin after her (*shakes fists once more at the gay gods*) but if youre around that age, i think you should give her a buzz. ahem...ooh just had a thought: that Kate chick who sounds like keira knightley is 17 too, isnt she?? i feel like a proud older sister here. lets get some magic going people.

everytime two hot 17 year old british chicks meet each other through my blog, an angel gets its wings. true story.


Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

and i love the lyrics...

and the way she sings "can't"

good times.

kate said...

this is a weird coincidence.

daisy is my friend, through my podcast, that she found on your site.


much love :)

Anonymous said...

Love the song. I so wish I could play like that. Oh and where can I get one of those Pink calenders you see in the second video?!

Mwiko said...

well.. you don't really have to shake your fist at the gods.. 'cos 16 is legal in the mainland aaand.. there are no laws to do with lesbians.. good ole queen vic..

Daisy :) said...

oohh wow! *is awestruck* thanks so much for posting Arlan! i thought my first day at music college couldn't get much more exiting but you've proved me wrong! i'm dancing inside my head.

i made ten brand new (myspace) friends outta this :D

i'm afraid the Pink calendar was a christmas present(from my mother *gasp* maybe she's finally figured it out...), so i have no idea where it came from. but i'm pretty sure you can buy them from her official site.

thanks again!! i'm forever in debt

obscured crimson said...

i loved this =] great job..

aluminumcandy said...

I love it. You sing wonderfully. You have a beautiful voice. Sexy too I might add. Defiantly faving it on youtube as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was amazing! I really like the song, seriousely i put the vid to play a couple of times and just left it while I did some work on the net. I think I might be your first fan all the way from Kuwait =) If you ever record a version that I can just put on a cd e-mail it to me alright? I'd love to just listen to it in my car too.

Missy said...

Completely awesome. I loved it.