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Saturday, January 06, 2007

it's like Keira Knightley was whispering in my ear.

alright, i dont wanna get all "Loving Annabelle" on you guys, but there's a 17 year-old british chick that totally needs to call me in 3 years. SERIOUSLY.

Kate (the lezzy chick)
<--she's single, ladies;-)
and her friend Alex (the straight dude)
sent me to their new podcast today & i took a listen. its a lovely random 20 minute or so cast about um...well nothing and everything really. they have great chemistry, and although they claim to be, they are never boring. i was entertained:-)

but the main reason i want you guys to go to their page<-- RIGHT NOW and listen to the short cast is cause i think Kate sounds EXACTLY like Keira Knightley!! its *hot*. and im not one of those people who's like, "oh, youre bri-ish. you must sound like liz hurley, right!" fact, my ear is finely tuned to the different accents, tones, and SEX coming from all Brit's mouths. mmm....butter.

ok, so GO NOW, listen to at least 5 minutes of it and tell me what you think. if you're not able to play the windows media file when you click "play", then right-click on "download" and bob's your uncle. seriously, this Kate chick could call people and pretend to be keira and she could pull it off, dont you think??


Peaches said...

ur rite! she does sound like keira knightley! n ii love her accent *sigh*. btw ii love the daily lesbian moments. ii look @ all of dem. u rock ma rainbow sox!

Crystal said...

cool, kept me entertained, that girl is very yummy

willow said...

i love brittish accents, and shes cute 2, (THANK GAWD MUH FIANCEE IS BRITISH, AND IM LIKE THE LUCKIEST GURL i get to hear her moan muh name every nite!!!!.... but gawd do the fone cards cost me lol...*cant wait for her to move here*)

hoan said...

I'm living in England myself... British accent sometimes too posh for me, but Kate's accent is very cute indeed and yes, she sounds exactly like Keira Knightley. The first few words... I thought it was Keira who was speaking lol :D

Anonymous said...

I used to have a british g/f. *tear* Miss her voice.

That was just funny to listen to. I'm all alone so it made it seem like people were talking to me. (wow that just sounded super lame.)

Moving on!
already messaged her and dropped your name.

Anonymous said...

howdy howdy! yes i agree with kate sounding similar to knightly! but she has a tint of slang involved, knightly has a more posh accent, y'know, pronounces all her T's and whatnots..

i do wonder if shes just as jaw-y though! lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh... wow.
She sounds a lot like her actually.
what a sexy voice

Eloise said...

Can't say I think she sounds particularly like Knightley, but then again I'm English so I can hear the differences.

She has a nice voice though, surprisingly so for Portsmouth.

English lesbians are awesome.

Anonymous said...

oh my god it's true. maybe i should look into getting a me a british... "frined" you know just to talk with.

Anonymous said...

ooh, she sounds pretty darn similar to lovely keira. I'm a fan. The cuteness helps too...

Anonymous said...

OMG, she IS keira knightley.

Kate said...

Yeah, I'm with eloise, when you live in Britain accents sound so different, so I don't think they're all that alike!

Now you can see how us Brits live our lives, quite fun really! ;)

Thanks for posting, i frigging love your post Arlan, totally rocks :P

NIKKI said...


Jo said...

'I'm Domino and I'm a bounty hunter'

Yep there is certainly a bit of Keira in the accent.
My accent sounds more like a cockney barrow boy. *LOL*

Damm if I was only *cough*10ish*cough* years younger and a lot better looking. Jeez I feel old and ugly now. I'm gonna eat some cake.

Minnie said...

Fuck yes. Kate is amazing. Hey Kate...msg me. lol

TK said...

wow, she sounds just like her. thats hot!