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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

KC & Elka, oui oui!

greetings from Montreal! oh the price i pay for adventure! seriously, i just had a VERY long 20 or so hours of travel. yep. i started out in ohio, at the airport yesterday at around 1pm. where i was informed that all of the information i had received from the passport bureau was indeed WRONG. so i couldnt fly into canadia (i call it that, dont hate)...i had to go by land. i found a flight to boston that was the same price as the flight to montreal so i wouldnt have to pay extra (since i didnt have it!), but it left 4 hours later than the first. once in boston (at around 9pm) i had to take a bus from boston at midnight...and arrived in montreal about an hour ago. now im at a nice hostel thats center to everything. its 9am. im exhausted but at least im warm again! yay french canadia! it should be a good time. so here's your lesbian if that wasnt enough of one:

now that the L Word is back on, dont forget to check out KC & Elka's podcast! each week, usually by tuesday or wednesday, they post their thoughts on the week's episode. even if/when youre disappointed with some of the SHOW, you'll definitely get a laugh from the podcast:-)

click here to go to their myspace page. look at their latest blogs to catch each episode.

oh, and add them as a friend, because their mission is to have more myspace friends than Betty.

which brings me to my question of the day: we all hate the themesong to the L Word (right??). i know i do. if you dont, i dont mean to offend. at least not today. and i wont make fun of you too much tonight when im falling asleep. so the question is, what song SHOULD be the themesong? if you had it your le Burger King...

i'd choose the chorus of Terra Naomi's "Up Here." you can find it by going to, click on "videos" and its one of the vids listed near the bottom. for some reason, on this computer im not able to copy and paste, so i cant embed the vid right now. but yeah...thats my vote. whats yours?


fabi said...

well i dont hate Betty but yeah 3 seasons with the same song.. give me a break!
i think that the themesong should be.. Phenomena by the yeah yeah yeahs
that's song would be great for the show.

that's it

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

i agree. when they used that song as part of the promos, i thought for sure it would be the new themesong. its perfect. but nope. they just couldnt do it. silly L word:-)

Anonymous said...

i agree i dont like the song betty everytime i hear it...just gets on my nerves just skip thro it ...i dont care much bout the theme song really said...

Check out my new blog. I've got some pics of Jessica Biel with a girl. :O haha.

Anonymous said...

LOL don't like the theme song, well I think it's alright. But it would've been cool if it was that "Phenomena" Song by the yeah yeah yeahs.

~~Nikooru (BLog)Mind Of Me

Anonymous said...

I liked it in the first season when there was no theme song at all.

Anonymous said...

i dislike the theme song. anyone else do a "cha cha cha" thing after it ends? i think it was driven further into annoyance with it echoing all through out the episodes in season 2. spanish translations, cello performances, etc.

i say bring back the "bloop bloop" dot theme from the first season.

rcajane said...

The raconteurs Level would be nice

they could work with it

dopedupdawl said...

peaches would do a kick ass theme song.

Aimée said...

first off i think most of us do the "cha cha cha" thing at the end..second off i hate betty and was horrified to discover i have the same name as one of the members..third off it'd be fucking AWESOME if it was terra naomi..up here is so appropriate too i think..lets start a movement!

hope you enjoyed your time in ohio, the straight state..have fun in canadia!

Meeks said... least so far this season they appear to have toned down the guest spots of Betty on the actual show, like as if it wasn't bad enough having thier song repeated over and over, we had to endure looking at them repeatedly as well!!

As for KC & Elka.......they're fricken LEGENDS!!

Thanks Arlan for the update on your adventures....I hope you don't get too cold up there in Canadia. I'd give you a hand with keeping those nipples defrosted if I weren't on the otherside of the plant!!

Much love

Ali said...

first of all, i love elka and kc. and your shout-out made me super happy.

second of all, i'd choose Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls.

Just kidding.

Theme songs are tough. Maybe a Tegan and Sara song or something. I'm such a dyke.

~G-siz~ said...

Wow arlan ur a trooper for through all that BS! The theme song was cool the 2nd season and everyone was all over the lyrics but, i have to agree that's it's tired and should be retired.<3love and smoochies ~~G~~

moondog said...

for some reason i'm reminded of a south park song here:

oh there's no canada
like french canada
it's the best canada in the land!
and the other canada
is a bullshit canada
if you lived here for a day you'd understand!

JD said...

Its gotta be something upbeat.. like you can dance to. I totally agree DopeDupDawl.. Peaches! all the way! It's gotta be a gay artist preferably.
Peaches- Kick It (its upbeat and exciting)

... but also..
Le Tigre- On The Verge .. (perfect theme song!!!!)

Hannah said...

I agree with having Peaches not sure which song though. Think it would have to be her remix of gay bar by electric six.

And if I couldn't have Peaches then I would choose Ice cream by the new young pony club ...

America's Next Top Podcast said...

Katherine McPhee is in this video of New York Fashion week. Enjoy!

America's Next Top Podcast said...
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Anonymous said...

My vote for the theme song for The L Word is "Make You Mine" by Mr. Airplane Man. It's sexy, has a funky beat and the lyrics fit. Check it out on iTunes.

Kishya said...

I love the Season 1short and sweet sound. I have it on my MP3 player and every time it comes on I just close my eyes and it gives me peace (which is not good when I am driving). Puts a smile on my face every single time, never fails. It is the l word.

::sigh:: i love it, it is apart of the whole package. Part of the reason why I fell in love with the show...aside from TheBeals of course.