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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lizzy the Lezzy on tv! :-)

so have you seen the new vid Ruth posted on her myspace page?? she and Lizzy were featured on cable tv in Israel yesterday, at a prime-time spot. VERY cool:-) Ruth wanted to make sure we could see the feature, so she uploaded vid footage of it, and translated it into english! on her myspace page, she apologizes for the film quality...its not the *best* but you wont care cause this is so awesome. check out little titty...ahem...TID..bits of new info here and there. its exciting stuff!

hee, i like how in the translation it says "lizzy the gay lesbian..." im gonna start calling all of you guys "gay lesbians." ya gay lesbians! ya damned homoseshuals. ;-)
Lizzy on Israeli TV

ALSO, check out her feature on the front page news section of!!


Anonymous said...

~Cay! OMG thats fucking awesome.. I hope Mtv gives her a spot that would be the coolest!

Anonymous said...

yay for israel representing!!!

Anonymous said...

ahhh that is so exciting!

Vik said...

that's so flipping great!!!! now i must comment ruth. i heart her and lizzy. lol

jescas said...

hahaha, i looooove lizzy the lezzy. i hope she makes it to mtv and cell phones. i would love to have lizzy on my cell phone!