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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

would you like fries with that?

i am a lesbian.

this is why:

there's an even hotter vid by the same people, but for some reason, theyre not letting anyone embed it. so click here to go watch it now!! seriously.

i've been to Norway a couple of times (a few years ago) because a few of my best friends live there. and i remember that what struck me most was how hot everyone there is. like...everyone. there was this Burger King at the train/bus station in a city called Bergen, and i went there a few times JUST to check out the chicks working behind the counter and flippin' patties. mmm...wish they were flippin *my patties*. seriously, Norway's streets are like runways. the reason its so expensive there ($10 for a value meal??) is cause youre paying for the view.

point of the story is, there was one chick at that Norwegian train station Burger King who looked a lot like the girl on top in this vid. so when i watched it tonight, to study and prepare it for you guys, i played it a few extra times just to have those great memories of Norway.

oh, and because i am a lesbian.

oh, and because i have a pulse.

im pretty sure she's from that other vid i had a few days ago where i referenced starbucks. and im pretty sure some of you guys mentioned this group of vids that are done with her in them. and im pretty sure she's german. but really, who cares?? just watch the damn video again! they're makin out!


Hoan said...

The girl on top?

Her screen name is Jo, she's been in quite a lot of lesbian porn movies. And yes, she is in the vid where you referenced Starbucks. But no, she's not German, she's Hungarian.


Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

oh yeah, shes the one brushin her teeth in my hungarian post. lovely. i vote for more hungarians...and more lesbians...whos with me?

Hoan said...

there're loads of hungarian lesbian porn stars out there :D

maybe you should try this:

they're both Hungarians.


east of madagascar said...

your purple ribbon thing is catching! check out this ad on craigslist

three cheers for arlan

tira said...

NORWAY!!! :)

Let me know when you are coming over to Norway next time!!


Anonymous said...

No lie - EVERYONE in Norway is FINE! There's this one girl that i just drop to my knees over. ;) She's amazing. You can find her and her art here:

Also... thank you so much for the hot action! You rock my socks right off.


Cecilie said...

HAH!you've been to Norway?!and even Bergen?!thats where i live!lol thats pretty cool:D

Anonymous said...

In part II, the brunette on top looks alot like Sandra Shine. :P Who's also Hungarian.