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Sunday, January 07, 2007

she's muff munched us all. now lets give her a leg up;-)

alright troops, here's our next mission. i think by now, we can all consider Ruth (Lizzy the Lezzy's creator) our friend, right? and she's been entered into an animiated video competition for a few weeks now. the grand prize is money (and a warmth in her heart and in Lizzy's...well there's no telling where;-) ) .

all we have to do to help Lizzy win is to go to the site and watch the vid, and then give it a rating (5 points of course!). the winner is chosen based on how many views they get AND what their rating is. so far, in her "experimental" category, it looks like Lizzy's 4th in the ratings war and 8th in views. she needs more views and ratings. so lets give her both!

the coolest part is, the vid she entered is a special one. its the first 5 episodes rolled into one. so you might have not seen it yet! uh,!

(you may have to sign up to rate, but seriously, i think it took me 20 seconds when i did it a couple of months ago. its no biggie and it means the world to ruth! :-) )

if you dont wanna go aaaaall the way to the site, you can see the vid here. but the ratings really if you like this, please go to the site and rate a 5 and TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME!

(if you want to see more, you can add Ruth as a friend at

the first round of the contest is over on january 15th!! lets show our support!!


Vik said...

how many times does it count when you watch it on the same computer? once a day? or just once all together? ..i've already rated i did that a while ago.. and i've watched it like a zillion times but idk if that counts for shit.

ohh btw - this lovely blog is now my homepage :D

Tanya said...

I love Lizzy, I've been getting my friends to watch it!

Michi said...

I'm vastly entertained by your blog Arlan. I love it. ^.^ I do enjoy your posts and varying subjects. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Much love, and long live the lesbians! *winks* <3 Michi aka Marah