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Monday, January 08, 2007

live your own truth

i love how giddy Oprah gets around gay people. it doesnt matter what the show is about, if there's even a mention of *gay* from/about one of her guests, she turns into a kid seeing the circus for the first time; pointin and tuggin on her mom's shirt "mommy look at what they can do!"

so of course last year when the preview to one of her shows started with the words "Oprah's Gay Wives," i knew that shit was not to be missed.

the show was pretty good, but my favorite segment had to be these two chicks. i mean, theyre both hot, well-spoken, successful, seemingly "normal"...and the hot brunette says "i was scurrrd" at one point. um...check, please? and can we have this food wrapped to go? the 3 of us will be dining on top of each other's naked bodies in the back of my rented Dodge Neon. thanks.

on a serious note, i do hope that this clip helps at least one person watching. i have a feeling it will...

of course, part of me was also hoping that this would be the episode when Gayle and Oprah finally came clean (ahem) about their affair. i imagined it would be similar to her makeover shows, when someone is behind a picture of themselves, and they crash through it to reveal their new selves. but Gayle's picture would just be a giant question mark, as the world held its breath. then out pops Gayle, arms waving, all smiles. and since Oprah's such a profectionist, they'd have to make out for 3 full minutes until big O was happy with the camera shots/angles.

then of course the big announcement. Oprah and Gayle stand hand and hand facing the audience. *drumroll.........* "You're getting a vibrator!! and YOU're getting a vibrator!!!! and you...YOU're getting a vibrator too!!"


Anonymous said...

lmao...i love the "your getting a vibrator" its great and sooo appropriate

Anonymous said...

I saw that episode along with the when I knew I was gay episode. That had the lesbian teenager and her mom. Back to the hot women that were together mmmmmm HOT, and I like Oprah agree that they were working the shoes. The first woman that was on the couch with the white shirt and the blond hair, and the two kids was smoking hot in my opinion. I need to know where I can find lesbians that look like that, and then i'm transfering to a college near that area for sure.

Speaking of vibrators check this out:
It's a vibrator that you can hook up to your ipod. How hot is that when your vibrator vibes depending on the music playing, and how loud the volume is turned up. I knew I loved music for a reason, and now it's clear.

P.S. Love the blog, and I know this isn't lesbian related but it's still funny as all get out imo:

robin said...

hey aceissi: th smokin hot blonde lesbian is on myspace. i drool over her pics all the time and she loves msgs from people. i found her completely randomly one night. needless to say, i was thrilled:

you'll thank me later.

Vik said...

that clip was really great. ...hey arlan, will you tell my dad i like girls?? lmfao bc i sure know i can't.

oh and the vibrator that hooks up to the iPod.. i'd like one for my birthday :) since i will be 18 and all lmfao

Anonymous said...

Hey robin: you were right I will be thanking you for that myspace link...Thank You. Now i'm even more convinced of her hotness, and to think she's only 36 amazing.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

hey aceissi, thanks for letting us know about the ipod vibrator. VERY interesting indeed:-) im going to let others know about it...if you can, get in touch with me on my myspace account: . thanks!

De said...

Damn they are hot... and if Oprah is giving out free vibrators... I wanna be at that show.

Shonda said...

All I have to say is....

Those women are HOT!

kg said...

i wish that showing this to my parents would make them understand more...

even the teenage lesbian one..

my mom saw it,
glared at me.. then turned it off.


some people are just inevitably ignorant.

but NOT oprah.

BIG GAY OPRAH is always open to having a lesbian show, or two.
good for her.

have you see the Tyra Banks "are you really a lesbian" - or something like that - show?

it was quite amusing.

Lisa said...

As someone who is dating a married woman, I totally appreciate this clip and will be posting it on my xanga for her to 'stumble across'.

Anonymous said...

0prah: "Did you always know you were gay?"

dark-haired hottie: "no, absolutely not. most of my life, i did not even know. not until my late 20s, when i started to feel really confident about myself, knew who i was. i started to experience feelings toward other women. and i was scurred. i was really frightened."

"so i was asking you earlier, joanne, how common is this?"

joanne the therapist lady: .... "I'm sitting here saying 'yes, yes, yes', and one of the things that i've been hearing more than once, is about people who really didn't know - i mean really did not know when they were younger, and really didn't discover it until they got more mature, and knew more about themselves."

i watched this clip las night, and when the above was said, i nearly cried. it's been sloshing around in my head for some time now, and sometimes it screams loudly (such as when i'm drunk), but really, it did not click until i watched this clip: LESBIAN.DYKE.GAY EQUALS ME. i mean, sure, i've known for at least 5 years now that i am very attracted to women (i'm 25), but i didn't start to realize that it was much more than that until the last year or so. before i was 18 or so, however, i really didn't know. i mean, now that i think about it, and think back on certain situations, it was like FUCKING DUH, but it just didn't really occur to me for a long ass time that hi, i like nekkid women, especially since i've always had a really comfortable relationship with men (TOO comfortable, now that i think about it; friendship does NOT equal passion and true love, man).

a lot of my being clueless of my true feelings could probably be attributed to the fact that i grew p in a tiny desert town where "GAY" was hardly ever uttered or even thought about (publicly).

and yeah, it was like an audible click, when the above quotes were said. so thank you. and stuff:P


Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

wow (message above mine),

thats AMAZING.

Femme in LA said...


The two hot lesbians that appeared on Oprah work in the media/PR...They have their own blog website which I find to be very insightful & entertaining...


Kae said...

Hahahaha lol

Fuck me tender.
I had to pause that shit for a few minutes when she said 'scurred' cause I had to fucking laugh at the funny shit.