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Friday, January 12, 2007

what's in the water in Tulsa??

here's another post in that lesbian-friendly category (see description at top of page). i wanted to share a couple of singer/songwriter friends of mine with you who both follow the criteria for being featured here.

they both:

are purdy--check
have amazing voices--check
write their own songs--check
are women i wish were lezzy--check

first is 21 year old Amy Kuney. she was born in Tulsa. moved to Honduras when she was 13 to be a missionary. and then moved to L.A. a few years later to go to college and pursue her (non-christian) music career. if you like this vid and you live in the southern cali er-rea, she has several shows coming up. you can hear more music and check out those dates @

next is my girl Danelle Phillips who currently lives in Tulsa. i first introduced you to her in this post a few months ago. im so blown away by this girls' natural talent (see vid from first post!), i cant even tell you. she fronts a band called Congress of a Crow, but she also recently started her own myspace page for some solo work. visit it @

today, she premiered a really cool/unique music video that she created on her own. here's the description she gives:

"I stayed up till 4 am last night putting the finishing touches to my new video. Its 369 photos taken in I Photobooth, recycled in 2 minutes and 39 seconds."

i know both chicks would love it if you added them as friends on myspace. they dont know im posting about them, so it would be awesome to have a wave of lesbians come crashing down their spaces;-)


Anonymous said...

that video of Danelle Phillips with the phonebooth pics is fucking amazing!

ten said...

Holy crap, Amy Kuney, what a voice!
Very much like Fiona Apple...

moondog said...

amy kuney is amazingly amazing. very very very talented writer *and* singer. i love her music and everyone should check her out! :)