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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Your Daily Lesbian!

hi there ladies and some gents and some ladies who wanna be gents and some gents who were once ladies, and...well you know i could go on and on. how are you today?

over the past few months, people have been posting on my *Lesbian Blog Dating Experiment* and its been awesome. ive received messages from people all over the world who said they met a special someone and/or friend in the experiment. and so i wanna take it a step further now. since this blog is called "Your Daily Lesbian Moment" im going to try to have a DAILY LESBIAN featured...ya know, DAILY.

here's how it works: if you're looking for a new lova, friend, date, FRIEND, etc, send an email to me at with the following: your name, your age, location, MYSPACE PROFILE URL (or whichever way you want people to contact you) what youre looking for, a few words about yourself, AND send me a LINK to your picture. upload your picture to myspace or photobucket or something and send me the ADDRESS to the pic. please dont send me files! just the address. i can do the rest. and then check back to see if youre featured. lots of ladies will see your beautiful face and read your beautiful words, and maybe you'll make some new friends! woohoo! oh! and if you want to film a vid (2 mins or less) of you talking about yourself or showing us around or whatever, i'll definitely post that too! just send me the link to where i can find the vid on youtube or myspace.

first up? of course! this is a vid Ruth made just for me after listening to me complain about not having a girlfriend for months;-)

Munch-a-Mate with Lizzy the Lezzy

(more vids from Lizzy the Lezzy at!)
the goal is to get every lesbian in the world to see this vid, so please repost:-) here's the code:




Row said...

Oh my goodness. I'm about to confess something... I am really stupid. I've been reading your blog for a while now... and I just realized you're not married to Katharine Mcphee. I mean, I didn't think you were married to a celebrity or anything. I don't watch American Idol. I just thought that was your wife's name. Now I realize...
Yes, I'm an idiot and I hate myself. But I love your blog!

Just Jak said...

I have to say...I love that Lizzy the Lezzy

Anonymous said...

HAhahaha, that was hilarious and so cute... I hope you find someone arlan! i do, u rock. n thats a purty picture of you.