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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hannah, 17, Albany NY

Name: Hannah
Age: 17
Location: Upstate New York ( Albany )

"My type is a girl who dresses kinda boyish and still has the emotions of a
girl. I dont like bull-dykes and I'm not really into femmes. I LOVE STYLE.
punkish/messy but put together/buttoned down oxfords with a cross chain on.

I love girls with shaggy hair ( like SHANE ) I'm not really into huge boobs and like when girls dont wear a bra. I love piercings (lip, nose, industrial) on a girl and tattoos ( but not OD ) I have my tongue, belly button, nipples and of course (ears). It turns me on when a girl wears boxers and a sports bra. I love to be spoiled with attention and gifts. I expect alot from a girl but i also offer alot. Like what you see? message me !!

xoxo - Hannah"

Contact Hannah @

(this is part of my new *Daily Lesbian* feature! if you'd like to be featured, please read my post from Sunday, February 18th and follow those instructions. i'll feature all ages, looking for a date/girlfriend or just a friend, from anywhere in the world! thanks!)


Melissa said...

Hey, Arlan...considering this chick is only this picture child pormo? Is she advertising for girls her own age or what? I just don't want to get in trouble for being 37 and oggling a 17 year old ass.

Anonymous said...

Agreed-kinda ick. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would be careful about this. crop the photo or something just to protect your ass (and cover hers).

Ali said...

Haha. "Pormo".