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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Max & Alice are workin their pretty little fingers to the BONE on

so for the past 2 months, the L Word has been pimpin' their new website its sort of like myspace...for gay bitches ahem...lesbians and friends of lesbians.

the actual CHART part of the site is FINALLY LIVE...

and i wanna beat Papi's add me!

im still not entirely sure how to drive this boat, but i think if you do a search for me, you can add me. or a friend request. or something.

i THINK my profile addy is: and my profile name is "arlan" (clever...i know)...and uh...yeah we'll work this out together. oh, and ive figured out that if you click on the little magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page, and then choose "user" search, you can search for people by their usernames. so youd search for "arlan." or ya know, go directly to my profile like i said before. werent you payin attention??

start a profile...and get to requestin' so Alice and Max can get PAID ;-)