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Saturday, March 24, 2007

you say "helen-uh," i say "helayna...roll over baby, youre blocking the camera."

let me tell y'all how this works. first of all, if you dont know that im married to Katharine Mcphee by now, look over to the right of the blog in the "about me" section. it states very clearly: i am married to katharine mcphee.

we're a happily married couple. every day is like the first time. except with more whipped cream and a lot less crying on my part. but we do have an arrangement. i am allowed to sometimes go to other women and bring them back into our lair. the only rules are: she has to be hot. she has to be british. if shes not british, she has to be clea duvall...

so based on those rules, its no surprise that i go to Rachel Shelley every single time im in london. i go to her flat, and we talk about the Queen and about quid and about uh...ya know, crumpets and shit. and then we DO it. then i take her back to cali and we meet up with Mcphee and do it some more. these hot long haired brunettes are gonna kill me!


D.Andrade said...

Oh my! You do that too? I swear, that Rachel, she's quite resiliant to have strength for you and McPhee, after i wisk her away. Ah well, you rock Arlan, so i dont mind sharing. Does she do that one thing with you too? You know when she's like...ah nevermind. Better keep it a secret.

Anonymous said...

haha. I'm English and lemme tell you, I just love conversations about 'quid' (quids/a quid?) the queen and crumpets haha =]