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Friday, April 27, 2007

hot buttered popcorn

ok someone left a comment on the post from yesterday that linked to this video...and it said "its a video of arlan!" at first i thought i was gonna be offended, especially when i saw the first 5 seconds of it...

but yeah this shit's hilarious...and it would be a white chick that he/she's goin after at the theater. haha...

(from "MadTV")

"damn, that's a french-ass name girl!" <--my favorite line
"the back of yo head is riDICuhlous!" <--my second favorite line

id like to think that im a bit more attractive than this he/she...and that im a tad bit smoother. but uh...yeah thats funny. thanks *anonymous*


Anonymous said...

you're welcome arlan. when i saw this video, i immediately thought of you. =) i wasnt trying to offend, i just thought it was cute.
"darell" is played by Nicole Randall Johnson. she's hilarious!

SLS said...

I once had a boyfriend like that.. guess what? I loooove girls now!