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Thursday, April 26, 2007

*Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates!*

this chick's awesome. i wanna go to an aquarium with her.

if youre young and gay, send her somethin and help the girl out. she begged!

to get in touch with Lise, go to her youtube profile at


Nicole said...

um, first of all.... A project about a "gay story" to graduate just sounds way too easy. how would that be a final assignment?... second of all I think that she's just pretending.. I think that it's supposed to be funny. Her accent sounds like its wayyy too exaggerated and forced. But.. hey I could get a laugh out of random peoples' stories sent to me as well.

Deeply contemplating,

Lise / xKillxMexKissxMe said...

Okey okey. First of all, where I come from, we have a wierd way of doing my examinations. sorry 'bout my accent too, I'm not from a english speaking country, so english is actually my sub language (same as german). I did try to make it a little woosy, but it's something I need to graduate. believe me or not.

Kenneth Hill said...

That is so adorable. Thanks for sharing and getting her message out!

Anonymous said...

its a video of arlan!

Nicole said...

Hey Lise/xkillxmexkissxme

I read your comment, and I also saw some of your other videos. I would like to apologize for what I said. I do understand now that you are being genuine and honest. I was just analyzing things before I really understood everything. I hope that everything goes well with your project hun.