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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

so uh, your mom's a dyke.

this is awesome. mostly cause its confusing and a little scary. and as we all know, those are two of my biggest turn-ons;-)


Louise said...

I have this film since I saw it on tv, it's in french and called 8 Femmes with english subtitles. I ADORE it, mostly because of the divine Isabelle Huppert but also because of it's insanity and singing. Yay!

Louise said...

It's much better in it's original form btw, the voices are MUCH sexier

There is another lesbian in the film too, Madame Chanel the cook. It's got a lot of Ho yay going on. Lovin it.

madgey the complete child said...

her name's Fanny *snigger*

Bridget said...

dude this movie is one of my all time favs!!

but this version is in the wrong language - download the original (French) version and OMG their voices will make you love it even more. ;) ;)

SLS said...

I saw this about a year ago, interesting!

Anonymous said...

This film is fantastic! I saw it a few years ago and loved it. And how hot is Catherine Deneuve- still?

Bethan Sarah said...

I love '8 Femmes'. It's one of my favourite films.
(Rather peculiar hearing it dubbed into another language other than french though-even though I only read the subtitles either way.)
I love Catherine Deneuve-she's a Goddess!
Her scenes with Susan Sarandon in 'The Hunger' are just delicious!