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Monday, May 07, 2007

do you know who i am?? im janet muthafuckin jackson!

Janet Jackson...
could be
probably least bisexual.

rumors have circulated for years. ive seen a little proof of it with my own eyes. but whatevs, it *doesnt really matter* because she's in a relationship with a dude right now and it seems to be going swimingly. and a lot of people might only really know about janet's right tittie (or was it the left?). but janet's been gayin' it up since before most of y'all were in diapers. why you were in diapers at 15, i'll never know!

*exhibit a*

this is a cover janet did of the Rod Stewart song "tonight's the night" (with scenes from the UK tv show "Bad Girls") where janet didn't change most of the lyrics...the song is about taking a woman's virginity. *cough*dyke*cough*

*exhibit b*

janet's song dedicated to her ex-oozeband after he tried to blackmail her for money. what was he going to use against her? a book he'd written that supposedly had the dates and names of women janet had slept with over the years. he's a "greedy motherfucker" (as the song says) for doing that...but uh...*cough*dyke*cough* AND it's with Missy too?? yeah...

*exhibit c*
Janet's song "Free Xone" is SO gay, if they ever made a video for it, Rupaul would be called in as a consultant to make sure it was straight-friendly.

*exhibit d*
there's an *interlude* on one of her albums that is her talking to her lesbian friend on the phone. janet is obviously masturbating to the sound of the girl's voice. that, my what? good...times. and bi the way, *cough*dyke*cough*

*exhibit lesbian*

this vid was made 14 years ago and its still hot. and im absolutely convinced that she wrote the lyrics about a chick. wishful thinking? mayhaps. but lets all wish together, shall we? oh, and check out the chick dressed in drag who's checking janet out during most of it. *cough*dyyyyke*cough*

"how many nights ive laid in bed excited over you
i've closed my eyes and thought of us a hundred different ways
i've gotten there so many times ive wondered how bout you
day and night
night and day
all ive got to say is
if i was your girl, oh the things i'd do to you,
i'd make you call out my name,
i'd ask who it belongs to...
allow me some time to play with your mind
and we'll get there again and again
close your eyes imagine my body undressed
take your time cause we've got all night
you on the rise as youre touching my thighs
and let me know what you like
if you like i'll go down...
i'll hold you in my hand and baby
you're smooth and shiny feels so good against my lips...sugar..."

uh huh. im just sayin.


Piper said...

I agree...Janet has always seemed like she played for our team!

JaG said...

OK, you totally convinced me.

Liberalista said...

So great! I've been saying she's bi for years now. Here's an excerpt from an interview she did with Ebony Magazine back in 2001. The interviewer asked her straight out (*no pun intended*) if she was gay:

EBONY: There've been questions about your sexuality. Some have asked if you're gay or bisexual.

JANET: I don't mind people thinking that I'm gay or calling me gay. People are going to believe whatever they want. Yes, I hang out at gay clubs, but other clubs too. I go where the music is good. I love people regardless of sexual preference, regardless of race. No, I am not bisexual. I have been linked with dancers in our group because we are so close. I grew up in a big family. I love being affectionate. I love intimacy and I am not afraid to show it. We fall asleep in each other's arms. We hug, we kiss, but there is nothing beyond that. Because Rene and I broke up, it's like people need some sort of drama, some sort of gossip.

Riiiight...the reason I go to gay clubs is just for the music too. I mean, don't we all?

Toni said...

I've always thought Janet was hot and she is a straight up dyke. You don't go around marrying fags just for fun (ie: Judy Garland, Liza Minelli).

Anonymous said...

You're convincing me here, its something I never thought about before.

But tell me, which album is that where she's masturbating to her friend's voice? Cuz ya know, I'd like to look that up for uh... research purposes. Lol.

JaG said...

Anonymous, I think it's The Velvet Rope.

Anonymous said...

Thankz alot jag, about to look it up now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You forgot the "All Night" music vid as evidence! In one of the segments, a hot dyke dancer throws the other hot dyke dancer down into the floor and they have the hottest pash ever. It's a very quick 3 seconds that's over way too quickly, but highly recommended for screencapping!

Anonymous said...

Ok, found it! check out the "All Night" vid at around the 4:09 point for the kiss. A few seconds before that, there are some female dancers crawling all over Janet on her couch and she smacks one on the ass.

kishya said...

OMG my wife left me....OMG JD you jive turkey! Jan you can still come back and i will 4give you. Well...eventually. ::muah::

oh pick up some milk on your way home.