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Saturday, May 05, 2007

i wish she were my girlfriend, girlfriend.

so check it: im a little obsessed with Persia White.

why? well, cause, i mean DAMN. look at her.


Persia is one of the 4 friend-girls on the tv show "Girlfriends." i never watched the show even though its been on for years. but a few weeks ago, i watched an episode on a saturday night...and got hooked. they have a little marathon of old episodes every saturday.

on the show, Persia plays the bisexual (yuuummm), kinda strange chick in the group. and in real life, shes in a freaky band. like...Jada Pinkett when she's not being straight, and doing her hardcore band thing, freaky. and its HOT.

i sooo appreciate the message in this ad for PETA, but i gotta admit, i watch the first 26 seconds of it over and over again cause you know?

im watching an episode of "Girlfriends" right now, and Persia just walked in the scene and said only these words: "Damn, can you believe my vibrator broke?"

im sitting in an apartment by myself, but i swear i said outloud, "DAMN." and started writing this blog:-)

here's Persia going all Angelina-post-2003 on your asses:


Row said...

Um wow... the end of that commercial kinda ruined the first part for me... the message is good but I just can't take seeing that kinda stuff...

Anonymous said...

I am also obsessed with Persia White. Thank you for not letting me feel alone. :-D

princessconsuelabananahammock said...

i have kind of an unhealthy obsession with girlfriends. i think it's because, being a white lesbian in nowhere, ohio, i just really relate to these women. ya know?

haha. or it's because lynn's all hot and slutty and stuff.

east of madagascar said...

hmmm. good find! persia makes we want to touch myself *hand sneaks downward*
(arlaaaan, stop looking!!...)

Anonymous said...

"i'm a lesbian"


iwanna said...

Yes yes... LOVE Persia White!
So H-O-T!
Thank you for the peta commercial!

Anonymous said...

I support all of it 100% the commercial is hott as hell...and she is very atteactive.....I have say though she is nothing compared to Otep!!! Love yaz

mike paahana said...

i had 1 - 3some with 2 - 12 year old girls does that make them lesbians?