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Thursday, May 10, 2007

"i like caviar on a cracker."

miss Kristy from the chatterbox over there (right-hand side of the page...) just posted a link to this video...

i SO *heart* this!!

(see more at<---)


Anonymous said...

"I gave her breast cancer"
Omg. And when she tried to climb that fence.
Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah WHATT?!

Jak said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh that was good. I cant stop laughing.
Thanks thats a way to kick off the day.

natalie said...

hahahahahaha. that was by far the best thing i've seen in a LONG time!!!!

Amanda said...

OMG. I'm crying. lol

Vik said...

Lmao. that was great. <3

aroon said...

hahahaha. that was sooo hilarious!!
ilene really pop up everywhere. lol
i totally love this video!!
thank you for posting. ;)

Ida said...

SO funny!

Alysha said...

haha, the "I gave her breast cancer" was riddiculously funny.
But, the whole thing was.
Complete genius.